Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Day I Grew Wings Like Angels


This was a strange set of circumstances.

Maybe all this is connected.

On Tuesday 27th June 2017 I had a feeling that I had to stop drinking milk. I ignored that feeling. The following day, 28th June, I put the milk on my cereal. It was a new carton of milk. Even though the milk was fresh I again had a feeling to stop drinking milk. I then went on Facebook and then glimpsed a post that mentioned something wrong about cow’s milk. That was my final sign to stop buying cow's milk. I couldn't even finish my cereal as I was strongly put off by cow’s milk.

Later that day I bought a carton of dairy free milk called Koko. To my surprise it tasted good.

Later on when I returned home I walked into my bedroom. I was annoyed over something that was on my mind and I wanted answers. I closed my eyes to begin to let the spirit world know my frustration when suddenly I realized I was standing amongst a group of beings in the spirit dimension. I could not see them completely but I knew they were there.

While I stood there with my eyes closed the next thing that happened was I sensed and saw in the spirit world two huge white wings grow from out of my back. Then I heard words that said I have been “given my wings.” 

The wings were large enough to cover over me and about 4-5 other people.

I have heard the term “given wings” or “earned his wings” before so I put it in google.

This writing came up.

The words make sense to me.’s explanation for “earn ones wings” said:

To prove oneself competent and reliable in one's work.

That also makes sense to me for all I have been through and what I know.

As I was still looking I came across this text

Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

If all this means something, something may be about to happen in the world and I am ready for it.


29th June 2017

I was going to end the post here but something else happened. Earlier in the day I sensed that my spirit body began to fly up into the universe with my new wings. I sensed I was flying for a few hours. I made a mental note of it as I carried on with my day. As I was typing this post I sensed I was still flying up. To my surprise my feet landed on a ledge. I thought

“What now?”

Then I walked forward up some steps and could sense two large arched doors open. 

I carried on walking. Then I heard a crowd cheering for me. I heard someone say

“Well done... you made it.”

They carried on cheering for a while. I kept walking forward.  A little bit later on it went completely quiet. Then I heard the words

“You are a chief.” 
(google meaning for chief)

I said,

“Why can I hear you but I cannot see you?”

 The voice said,

“Because you are still alive on earth.”

Nothing else at this time is being said. It’s just quiet.


UPDATE! It has continued. CLICK HERE to read "The Day I Grew Wings Like Angels PART 2."

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Close Your Eyes...

Sometimes we may overdo looking at multiple different things online. 
We slowly imprint loads of unnecessary videos and pictures onto our soul.
There's so much going on that we may lose ourselves to things that do not benefit us.
Refresh your soul.
See picture.

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Unexpected Urge to do Cleaning and Dragonfly Meaning

On Sunday 25th June 2017 I had a strange urge to clean the house even though I did not plan to. I didn't finish until midnight. 

After I finished I walked to the window and realised there were two dragonflies in my bedroom sitting at the window. I thought that was weird. I opened the window and guided them out and they flew away.

Today (26th June) it was still on my mind. I didn't think nothing would come of it but I typed into google about seeing dragonflies and this link came up.

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If You Wouldn't Say It To A Friend, Don't Say It To Yourself

First fix your life the best way you can.
What you say to yourself and how you think affects you.
By fixing your situation you have begun to fix society.
Then you can affect others who come around you without having to do anything as they learn from you.

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WHAT'S HAPPENING? Brainwashed Cybermen

Today when I was driving a man, a woman with push chair and a child walked out into the road. The child walked in front, then the woman with the push chair, then the man followed behind. The woman and the man were staring down at their phones as they walked out into the road. If I did not spot them when I did I could have wiped out that little family. 
I lowered my window and called over to the man and said 

"Be careful. Don't let your phones kill you."

The way they walked out into the road was like they lost all awareness of where they were.

Many people have turned into robots/ cybermen. Their souls are linked up to their smartphones.
Those phones are doing more damage than good to the sanity of humans. 

They are a disease to the human soul of those who constantly look to them for their happiness, and those who are addicted to constant information.
You are destroying yourselves.

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 They are starting to see through media manipulation. So if people are being made to think a certain way then how much of our thoughts are already not our own?

We need to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Firstly, love yourself. Love your partner. Treat those around you how you would want to be treated.

It doesn't matter who has a top of the range car while you may not even have a bicycle. That person in the expensive car could be a horrible person who people don't like while a person who has humble transportation is respected all throughout their community. 

Look how the local people around the Grenfell tower fire area were respected in the community and the Prime Minister of England had to leave quickly by being booed and jeered. 

So Fix Society by first fixing your situation the best you can. Then you can be affective around others.

My Fix Society EP was released in 2016. Its about keeping it simple in a relationship, finding love, being strong, meditating and loving yourself, and not being manipulated by the media.
Listen to the words.

This is my effort in trying to help people before my time on this earth is up.
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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Fire In London - People Need To Change - Predicted 2 Weeks Before

JUST 2 WEEKS AGO (picture above)…
I posted about when a big enough disaster happens people go out to help each other. The normal 9-5 ends. Today seeing the terrible result of the fire in London proved my point. A shelter was asking people to STOP sending things in because they had enough. 

It didn’t matter if the victims were white, black, Catholic, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist... All of the religious beliefs did not matter. Human life mattered.

PEOPLE will have to change to fix society starting with themselves. Look after yourself first and then you may affect what is around you. Depend on common sense. Fix your circumstances then be humane to others.

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Fix Society

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

You Are Good Enough - You always were

Today ends not feeling good enough although you always were good enough. 
You may have felt not good enough for your:

Today you have crossed the invisible "good enough" finishing line.
Repeat the words 
"I'm good enough, 
I'm good enough, 
I'm good enough. 
I always was good enough."
Fix Society

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Similarities? My Dream Came True in 4 Days - American Gods

On 2 June 17 I posted a dream called "Red Dragon with wings and the moon."

On the 5th going into the 6th of June I watched the 1st three episodes of American Gods back to back.

What caught my attention straight away was the name of the main character “Shadow Moon.” In my dream I talk about the red dragon hiding in the darkness of the moon, or in other words, the shadow of the moon.

To me, the red dragon represented the character called Wednesday who “hides” behind Shadow Moon as Shadow Moon is the body guard of Wednesday.

The show is very dark. In some cases, like the scene with the taxi driver in episode 3, is something I could not watch at all. I listened out for when the scene changed. This falls in line with the ancient text I put below the dream post as an update as it mentioned darkness covering the earth.

In my dream I mention I was in an apartment a few floors up. In American Gods it showed a man and a woman talking in an apartment a few floors up.

I mentioned seeing a pack of wolves in my dream running from the direction where the red dragon landed, and in the show Wednesday and Shadow Moon are driving in a car then had to make an emergency stop right in front of a wolf.

In one of the scenes Lucille Ball starts talking to Shadow Moon through the TV screen. 

She says:

"The screen's the altar. I’m the one they sacrifice to. Then till now, golden age to golden age. They sit side by side ignore each other and give it up to me. Now they hold a smaller screen in their lap or in the palm of their hand so they don’t get bored watching the big one. Time and attention. Better than lambs blood."

From what I get out of what she said is people are taking the focus off their own life by looking more at the TV’s, ipads and smartphones. As long as the attention is on what is on the screen then people are sacrificing their time to watch what is fake instead of living without the control of the different types of screens.

Why are they blatantly telling people the truth?

I've been promoting Fix Society since January 2016. By fixing your own situation you have begun to fix society. The decision is yours. It's up to you to greatly reduce what you watch on the screens and start living a real life away from giving your attention away to the screens.

That's another one of my dreams that have come true. 

Fix Society

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017



I saw this post today by a female.

By Chell
“Fellas....Fellas....Fellas I gotta say something...i see a lot of "men" approach women in some disrespectful ways and I have to stop and just say....Do you know what makes a legend? A man that accomplishes goals, a man that can say he actually made a difference, I'm not talking about money, I'm talking about what you can accomplish with your mind and soul...even if it's just one person's life, that can set an example not just for your future children, but to others to be inspired, to make someone WANT to give their attention to you, not with slick pick up lines, made up stories of you being hard, or that money in your pocket...your knowledge is what will captivate a woman, you can talk to lil girls out here claiming to be women that don't know their worth, and they will fall for that shit, it'll work for a while. But you'll end up with a type of woman you don't want, and it won't last, you'll be 40 with multiple relationships that meant nothing, waste all those years because you want to portray yourself as a "legend", but do you really know what that is? Fellas....Impress a woman with your mind, not your body or materialistic objects or a front… we have to change things, and perspective of what a "legend" is... we have children in this world watching us adults and how we deal with others ...Do better and know your worth as well fellas!”

That’s what I'm talking about. That is what Fix Society is about. People wanting change. People making change happen.

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Friday, 2 June 2017

Red Dragon with wings and the moon dream

 Check out this dream I had on 2nd June 17.

In the dream, I looked in the sky and saw the moon. It looked like this.

Then I could see a red dragon with wings flying in the dark part of the moon.

Then the whole moon went black. I could faintly see the outline of the moon with the dragon flying across as if he was hiding in the darkness of the moon.

Then I saw the other half of the moon.

The red dragon landed in the distance. Packs of wolves ran from the direction the dragon landed. The wolves were not running away from the dragon. The wolves seemed to be part of the dragon.

In the dream I was trying to tell a group of people about what I saw in that dream. (It was like the movie “Inception.”  I was in a dream telling people about a dream). I did not know the group of people but we were in someone’s apartment building a few floors up. They didn't want to hear what I had to say about my dream so I left it at that.

After I left that apartment I saw a pack of wolves run and stand where some boys were kicking a football (soccer ball) around. 
The wolves stood among them. I did not see the wolves attack them. They were just there. Then I woke up.

Just before I am posting this dream I checked out what phase the moon is at. It is just past the same as the first moon picture above. Spooky. I wonder if something is happening in the world now that we are going to find out soon? Maybe the dragon is up to something now? We will have to see what happens by the second half of the moon phase if something does happen or it was just a dream that meant nothing.

I am just sharing this dream as some of my weird dreams come true like the Doctor Strange dream coincidences.

Yeah I know it’s weird but hey… download my EP's called “I Saw Satan” and “Fix Society.” Start collecting my music just in case they disappear. 

UPDATE! 3rd June 17
I randomly saw some ancient text today without looking for it and it said this:

Arise, shine, for your light has come!

The glory of Adonai has risen on you.

For behold, darkness covers the earth,
and deep darkness the peoples.
But Adonai will arise upon you,
and His glory will appear over you.
Nations will come to your light,
kings to the brilliance of your rising.

I don't believe in coincidences anymore. There is a darkness that is covering the world right now which I believe is symbolized by the red dragon hiding in the darkness of the moon. So now that must mean, the God of the universe is covering me now.   

Grandmaster K STONE

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OMG Its All Coming Out Now!

Look how fast things are being revealed! This shocked me. After you listen to this, can there be a 2020 US election? Wow!...