Monday, 29 January 2018

Terminator Film From 2009 Based on the Year 2018

The machines are taking over… or have taken over?

I came across this trailer for the Terminator Salvation movie that was released in 2009.

The machines in 2018 are at war with the humans in the movie.

Could the artificial intelligent machines in our time begin to be smarter than humans and rebel? Many people these days depend on Siri, Echo, Alexa, Google Home and whatever other devices you rely on to give you answers or you give commands to.

I came across this article that shows how robots are replacing humans in the workforce. This is the link so you can see if your job is in danger.

Here are 3 from the article that I picked out of the 21 mentioned.

Manufacturing jobs may soon become a thing of the past. Machines have been poaching factory worker's jobs for decades, but majority or all-robot factories have only recently become a reality.
Earlier this year Apple and Samsung supplier Foxconn replaced 60,000 employees with robots, and China's Everwin Precision Technology is in the process of replacing 90% of its factory workforce with automatons.

Telephone salespeople are most at threat of losing their jobs to robots, according to a study by Oxford University and Deloitte. Sales calls are already being generated by voicebots and, as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, the bulk of telemarketing roles are likely to be performed by bots.

Weaponized drones have taken the place of hundreds of soldiers in combat situations – the U.S. Army for instance has used the technology extensively in the ongoing "War on Terror." According to Gen. Robert Core, a quarter of U.S. combat soldiers will be replaced by robots by 2030, saving many American lives on the battlefield.

The original writer of the Terminator and the Matrix plots is a woman called Sophia Stewart. In the Matrix Morpheus talks to Neo about a war between the humans and the machines that started early in the 21st Century.


Last year I watched the movie called “The Worlds End.” A town was replaced by human looking robots. Near the end of the film the extraterrestrial talked to the humans.

See the short clip. There is some strong language.

The ET says,

“We are the network and we are here for your betterment. In the last 23 years have you not marvelled as information technology has surged forward? Earth has grown smaller yet greater as connectivity has grown. This is our doing and it is just the beginning.”

It’s just the beginning? 5G is coming soon. In the future, will it be, instead of humans tagging boxes with codes or radio frequency tags, could it be the robots or machines tagging humans?

There are some of you over the age of 30 years old who can remember; if you wanted to send a message to someone on the other side of the world or even a few miles away you had to write a letter (or fax, phone etc), and a few days to a few weeks later that person would receive the letter. But now a few taps on a machine and your message is sent to a person within seconds wherever they are on the planet.

Look now how it has progressed. Within a short space of time, many people are now talking to machines/devices about things (Siri, Alexa etc). The thing is, we are enjoying the technology that is storing countless data about us and monitoring us. Could it actually turn out for our good in the long term?

As the machine takeover is underway it looks like more people are going to lose their jobs. Less people would be needed.

Welcome to the new world run by the machine beast.

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Friday, 26 January 2018

Disturbing Dream Hours After Super Bowl Prediction - 2018


I had a disturbing dream a few hours after my post “2018 Super Bowl – Weird Coincidences Found Before The Game.”

This is the dream.

I was at a sporting venue with a friend sitting way back high in the stadium. My friend wanted to move down closer to the action to the front from where we were sitting. For some reason I let my friend go up further but I left the building.

I was then walking on a path. I was just about to walk past a church when I heard a ringing sound come from the church. The bell rang for one second then a space of one second then rang again. It was doing this constantly. I felt that it was a bad sign.

Then I saw a shiny black car pull out of the church. I instantly knew it was the queen’s car. I believe she was inside. Then a black hearse followed behind the queen's car. The hearse was empty and had no coffin inside.

Then two or three more black shiny cars followed the hearse.

I walked past the church and past another building. When I turned the corner to walk up that path I saw a line of about 100 British army soldiers in camouflage uniform moving quickly, not walking or jogging but moving at some speed in between.

I said “What’s going on?” They didn't understand me as they were Gurkas and spoke their own language. As I walked further on I saw more troops. I could sense that something strange was in the atmosphere. 

I then saw a female, around 25 years old, running in a different direction. I wondered where she was running to so I ran in that direction.

After a while I stopped running and started walking. Then I saw a German military car with a machine gun on top driving towards my direction. 

As he drove slowly passed, we looked at each other. He then started firing his machine gun at me. I thought, “what the hell…” and hurdled over the shots he fired. After he passed he had a sense of he wasn't bothered if he killed me or not. He just kept on his journey.

Throughout the dream the roads were empty. The only vehicles moving I saw were the queen’s entourage and that German soldier who shot at me.

I kept on walking and saw an elderly couple sitting in a red car that was parked. The car had the roof down. I then saw another German soldier with a machine gun. He started shooting at me so I ran and hid behind the red car. The German soldier came around the side of the car looking for me but somehow I disappeared without him knowing how I escaped. I even didn't know how I escaped either. He stood talking to the couple in the red car.

 I walked down a road and looked down an alleyway where there was a pub. Outside the pub stood about 70 British soldiers all in camouflage uniform. (I forgot to mention, all the British soldiers never had guns throughout this dream.) I walked closer to where they were all standing around outside the pub. Then right above where we stood a German fighter helicopter hovered facing us. I heard one of the soldiers say, 

“I bet that helicopter fires a missile at us.”

When he said that, I thought this was no place for me to be. I left where they all were standing. They stood looking up at the helicopter.

I then thought I need food. I went into a Chinese takeaway but at the counter it looked like they were closed as there was no light so I turned to leave. Then 2 female soldiers came into the takeaway, walked past me and approached the counter. They asked if they could have some food. Then from behind the curtain a Chinese lady cautiously came out and agreed to give them food. I guess the Chinese lady knew about the German military presence in the town.

I left the takeaway and carried on walking down a road.

That’s all I can remember.
---End of Dream---

It felt like the British army in the town had no weapons and were useless to fight the Germans who had all the fire-power at their disposal.

The dream was so real. If something kicks off like this for real, most people are going to not know how to handle it. Even the British soldiers seemed unable to think for themselves as they had no one telling them what to do or where to go. I went into survival mode and somehow miraculously escaped bullets shot at me on two occasions.

Why did my dream come a few hours after the positive Super bowl prediction? Maybe patriotism and brotherly love will have to happen in case a scenario of what took place in my dream happens.

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2018 Super Bowl - Weird Coincidences Found BEFORE the Game

I can’t believe it's been a year since the last time I found weird coincidences with the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.

Yes, it’s happened again!

I don’t watch American Football and I have no idea who is doing what. The first time I watched a game all the way through was the 2017 Super bowl because of the things I noticed.

Get ready for synchronicity which hit on the EXACT SAME DAY!

I looked on the spiritual implications of last year’s Super bowl. It was to see which spiritual influence would hit the US for the next 12 months. The Patriots represented the patriotic US citizens and the Falcons represented the unconverted materialistic souls. As you know, the Patriots won after a miraculous comeback.

This time I feel the spirit over the US is in a win win situation. The Patriots as mentioned before, represents the patriotic US citizens and the eagle is the emblem of the US.

So let’s look at the name New England. I gave an explanation last year that fit what was happening to England in that very week. This time I will show you something new.
I searched online about the history of New England. This is what I found.
On May 19, 1643, the colonies of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, New Haven, and Connecticut joined together in a loose compact called the New England Confederation (officially "The United Colonies of New England")

Only regular readers to my post may have spotted it straight away. The date May 19th.

In my facebook post on or after 15th December 2017 (which has now disappeared) I said something about Harry and Meghan getting married on my birthday, 19th May. 

I said,

"Why does it have to be that day? They could have chosen any of the other available 364 days." 

I also remember saying that numbers and dates are important for "those people" and I wondered what that day meant.

So here we have:

New England was joined together on 19th May

Harry and Meghan are to be married 19th May

It’s my birthday on 19th May

What are the chances of that happening? Is something strange going on here?

The connection with New England and Harry and Meghan’s wedding is that on the day of the wedding it will be like a “New England” has started with this new couple on the day New England was joined together. England Harry – United States Meghan -19th May.

Now the name Philadelphia is interesting too.

Firstly, I found online that the name means “brotherly love.” After 2017 divided the country, it would be fitting that the US didn’t divide but joined together displaying unity in 2018.

It is historically known that some people show brotherly love when unfortunate events happen whether it be earthquakes, flooding, meteor strikes, fires, hurricanes or even something terrible like 9/11. I'm not wishing any of this to happen. It’s usually when unfortunate things happen that people are more helpful to one another. It doesn't have to be this way.

Another interesting “coincidence” that came up with a search online were these ancient text from the Bible.

It said,

To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write:
These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

How can it be that on the 22nd Jan I saw that the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the Super bowl and hours later the SAME DAY a news report says that the US embassy will be moved to Jerusalem much sooner than previously thought, before the end of 2019?

Both the name Philadelphia and the reference to the Jews are in the same verses on the same day I heard both reports.

Remember, all I am doing is using the names of the teams that made it to the Super bowl just like I did last year.

Is the spirit dimension showing us what time it is by using sporting events again?

As I said earlier it looks like a win win situation for the US. This is only my view on what I have worked out. If I am right or wrong we will eventually see.

The only factor on who wins may be either that the spirit of patriotism or more unity (brotherly love) may be more displayed in the next 12 months, depending on who wins.

 It wouldn’t surprise me if in normal game time that the score was tied, possibly meaning that both patriotism and brotherly love would both be displayed equally in the coming months.  I am not saying it will be tied, but it wouldn’t surprise me as the theme of this post seems to be the act of joining together, marriage, brotherly love, unity and possibly a peace agreement (open door) in the Middle East.

We will see what happens on the 4th February and beyond.

To see my post for before last years Super bowl in 2017 click on this link.

UPDATE: I had a disturbing dream after I posted this blog. Click on the picture or link to read
"Disturbing Dream Hours After Super Bowl Prediction"

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

AGAIN! Synchronicity in 3 Days!!! Racism, Cyrille Regis and Harley Barber

 On 17th January 2018 I posted on facebook about the death of Cyrille Regis who was a professional football player in England.

I wrote about the racism black players suffered from around the 1970’s onwards.

I could have just wrote “RIP Cyrille” and posted a video of some of the goals he scored, but I felt I had to share the racism he had to go through for just playing a sport at the highest level.

Listen to this short clip.

In this next video you can hear former England player and TV presenter Gary Lineker mentioning what he saw at that time. Dion Dublin, a former professional footballer, reacts to what Lineker said live on TV. 

See short clip

In the facebook post I wrote 3 days ago I also said

"Why Racism still happens in 2018 is a mystery."

Some people may have thought I was exaggerating as they may not see racism or live among openly racist people, but just as with my other posts, confirmation came days later.

I do want to stress that, I could have just talked about Cyrille Regis’ talent and goals he scored but I felt to share the racism that many people did not know he suffered.


Now on the 20th January 2018 the internet is buzzing with the racist videos posted by Harley Barber.

You can hear what she says in this video.

After listening to what Cyrille had to say and then what Harley Barber had to say...

Why is there still racism in 2018?

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

WOW Synchronicity in 16 Hours - Depression Update

Look what happened less than 16 hours after my post.

In the blog called “why are more men and women suffering from depression” I mentioned this:

"On 9th January 2018 I was in a large well known supermarket in the UK. As I walked up to the cashiers to pay for my groceries I heard their conversation. One woman said,

“I am depressed and I have been depressed for some time.” 
“Yeah…” said the other cashier."

Less than 16 hours later, I saw that SAME supermarket in the news. Why? They angered customers with changes to their store cards.

In the BBC report it said:

As soon as Tesco said it was cutting some of its Clubcard rewards, customers started venting their anger. "Kick people while they're down," said one. Another called it a "blow" after saving up the vouchers for two years."
What are the chances of that happening less than 24 hours after I posted about two of Tesco’s staff complaining about being depressed, then the next day a report that the supermarket angered customers has come out? This could then cause depression in the customers who have been saving up their vouchers to use under the previous terms.

It sounds like there is an agenda to cause people to be depressed. 

When I was listening to the radio today I heard a caller call in and say to a politician,

"...You promised to build affordable housing and when the houses were built, the prices were over 200,000 pounds. The locals cannot afford that. You built these houses where people cannot afford to buy these houses as they are on minimum wage."

Doesn't all this seem so ridiculous? Why are the lower paid put in stressful situations to live out their lives in depression? Why can't these politicians take the burden off the lower paid working class' shoulders so they can enjoy their time on this earth?

You politicians and unfair rich business owners are greedy, disturbed and cruel. A shake up on this planet needs to happen, and most of these politicians need to lose their jobs for taking from the less fortunate while they live in luxury.


When I write sometimes some kind of conformation usually shows up in weeks, days and in the case of Tesco, in hours.

You can read my post about depression at this link

You can read the BBC's report about the supermarket, that was posted after my blog, at this link.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Why Are More Men and Women Suffering From Depression?

On 9th January 2018 I was in a large well known supermarket in the UK. As I walked up to the cashiers to pay for my groceries I heard their conversation. One woman said,

I am depressed and I have been depressed for some time.” 
“Yeah…” said the other cashier.

I can’t remember all what was said. They both had jobs but both unhappy with life.

A few days later, I saw in the distance a group of police standing around someone. I thought they had arrested someone. An ambulance arrived and the ambulance crew walked a few steps ahead of me. As I walked past I heard a policeman give the medical staff a run-down on what happened. I heard him say

“She has a deep cut in her wrist.”

As I was walking I looked over and saw a female sitting outside a restaurant at the restaurant table with the police standing there around her. I could see that someone had got to her and wrapped bandages around both her wrists going right up near to her elbow.

From how the police were, it came across like she had slit her own wrists. It was a strange aura around the situation. All the police who where there were all quiet as the woman sat at the table. They all stood looking at her in silence.

As I am writing this, I’ve just realized it was all women over the last few days who were suffering. I know men suffer depression too. It’s just that I have notice with the two cases that women were suffering.

As a man, I have never thought of this before... Are females being affected and losing their identity or purpose because of transgender and gay men, or other orientations, classing themselves as women?

How do women feel about their gender being hijacked by males who want to be called women?

Is society being forced to accept new ideas that cause the loss of a balance of knowing where we all stand?


I just realized in that same week I watched a TV show called “Working Class White Men.” The program was showing how a number of English white males felt like a stranger in England. This seemed to cause some of them to join a far right “race hate” organization against non English born people.

Who is causing many people to feel depressed or have a lack of identity and purpose? Is the answer, WE ALL ARE?

Whatever the media tries to force on the population you have your individual opinion to refuse what you are being persuaded to accept. Just say NO to what you don’t agree with. 

To conform to something you don’t agree with can cause depression.

On an update some months later to see how things were, one of the males who went on a march with the far right organization stopped being involved with them. He realised that people are people regardless of what colour they are. He also found love.

With him finding a girl to love, his life changed. He looked different and had a kind of glow to him.

Remember, you have the final say with what choices you make.

In conclusion:

Women, give men a chance, and men give women a chance. 

The suffering is real! 

Along with what is being constantly shown in the media, if you play emotional games with a person who is interested in you then you may be hurting someone who is genuine (causing depression), and you may end up destroying your own life in the long term (karma). 

“They” seem to want men and women to suffer mentally. Give each other a chance and you may find love.



WOW Synchronicity in 16 Hours - Depression Update

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OMG Its All Coming Out Now!

Look how fast things are being revealed! This shocked me. After you listen to this, can there be a 2020 US election? Wow!...