Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The Darkness is Losing Power - Started May 2019

Some people around the world are noticing a highly positive energy over the past few days. In the UK something is happening too.

I noticed in 2018 “something out there” had to keep many people’s vibration in the UK low.

In 2018 when England was doing well in the World Cup football tournament in Russia I noticed the panic on Theresa May’s face. I wondered why she was not happy that the team was doing better than expected. She even advised England NOT to take part in the World Cup in Russia but the England team ignored her. The team reached the semi-finals for the first time in a number of years. The nation was on such a high.

Theresa May said ministers and the Royal family would not be going to Russia for the World Cup because of the poisoning in England that Russia was blamed for. See Link

The poisoning situation kept vibrations very low as it was constantly on the news for weeks. When England’s football team was playing and progressing, people started to be on a high. Theresa May could not control the county’s excitement.

Now fast forward to 2019. The two main parties, the Conservative Party (Theresa May’s party) and the Labour Party, both got a shock as the Brexit Party won in most parts of the UK in May 2019.

Another reason why I mention success in sport affecting panic for the government but joy for the people is, recently the GB ice hockey team was given praise from a number of countries around the world for staying in the top flight. The outpouring of congratulations to the GB team can be seen all over social media. No-one was expecting that.

Also four English teams made it in two different top flight European finals. Chelsea and Arsenal in the Europa League final on 29th May, and Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur make it to the biggest European final, the Champions League final on the first day of the month in June. The two finals are played three days apart.

So there are two highly energetic vibration celebrations going to happen within a few days of each other. In the Europa League final there will be celebrations based in London because that is where both Arsenal and Chelsea’s home stadiums are (also London is where the head of politics in the country is based).

In the Champions League final Tottenham Hotspur’s brand new stadium is also based in London. Whether Tottenham win or lose, their fans are going to be celebrating as they haven’t been this far in the competition before. In both finals there will be high energy vibes happening in London, throughout the UK and spreading around the world as it is watched around the world.

It sounds great right? Now for the bad news that I hope doesn’t happen. When the UK is on a high, COINCIDENTALLY, sometimes some damn horrible event happens. If this does happen within the next week or two then we are safe to say that this is no coincidence but “someone out there” has to keep the citizens on a low vibration. Let’s pray nothing bad happens.


TAKE NOTE what happens in May 2019.

1. The GB Ice Hockey team do the impossible. (High Energy Vibration)

2. Two English teams, Chelsea and Arsenal play in the Europa league final. (High Energy Vibration)

3. The ruling Party in the UK gets a crushing blow (Theresa May’s Party) (High Energy Vibration)

4. Theresa May resigns as Prime Minister.

Did Theresa May’s resignation come because of too much positive vibrations being raised around the world and by the UK citizens? Will we see in the next few days some kind of tragic news of a so called “attack” in the UK? Again I say, pray or meditate that this doesn’t happen.
In conclusion

 Those who read my interpretations concerning the Russia World Cup posts in 2018 about the man with the sickle in his hand ready to reap, does it look like the reaping has begun in May 2019?

Question: What do people reap with a sickle?
Answer: A harvest.

Question: What does the name Theresa mean?
Answer: from

“Teresa generally believed to be derived from the Greek therizein (to reap, to gather) and thus takes the definition of “Harvester.”

Question: What month did Theresa May resign as Prime Minister?
Answer: May, as is her last name.

Is this the sign that the sickle has gone out to reap (the removal) around the world for a certain type of people, and it  has begun in May 2019?

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 This link is the 2018 interpretation of the World Cup in Russia. It’s deeper than you could imagine.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Why are they invoking Leviathan?

I was watching a video on youtube on the 16th May 2019 and a link for a band that I have never heard of before pops up. If I never saw the title “Leviathan” I would not have clicked on it. Some of you who have read my post where I took a picture of Leviathan would understand why it would have caught my interest.

As I listened to the first part of the song I gave up, stopped the video and decided to just read the lyrics as the words with the music were not clear and didn't make sense.

Now put this into context. Why are a bunch of adults singing about a being from the “underground?”

The video was put on youtube on the 15th May 2019.

Read the lyrics for yourself.

The group is called Volbeat (I’ve never heard of them before)

Leviathan where are you now
My secret friend from the underground
Bring your waves and the thunder
Make me believe forever more
Outside my window I can see
The ocean where you used to be
Horns that sprout out from your head
A glowing light near the surface

Leviathan open your eyes
I cannot save the world’s demise
All alone with no armor
Your burning eyes shine from under

You said that you and I
Could make ‘em all terrified
And clean up the whole world

Leviathan open your eyes
Leviathan open your eyes, oh oh oh oh
Leviathan open your eyes
Leviathan open your eyes, oh oh oh oh

Remember once upon a time
Nobody loved you more than I
Our secret place is in danger
Wake king of the creatures
Outside my window I can see
The ocean where you used to be
Horns that sprout out from your head
A glowing light near the surface


Under the blackened sky when a fire storm lit up the ocean overnight
So we meet again, but this time we step out of our dreams with open eyes
Now that it’s said and done, can we make this world a better place for everyone?
For everyone

Even though this song sounds like a friendly sing-a-long track why have these words -

"You said that you and I
Could make ‘em ALL TERRIFIED"


"Remember once upon a time
Nobody loved you more than I
Our SECRET place is in DANGER"

Why these lyrics? Is it what I have been saying for a while now, 42, the end of boasting and time for justice?

After reading these words I looked at another Volbeat song. In it the vocalist sings that they sold their soul. Did they do a deal with Leviathan? It sounds like they need his help now.

What stood out to me is the chorus. Look what they are chanting.

“Leviathan open your eyes.”

Just 2 days before I saw that video, I posted about the eye in the triangle, the eye of God.

In that post I mentioned 

“The eye opens.”

What I posted about the eye is positive. The band wants this beast to open his eyes for the negative.

Remember I made my post 2 days BEFORE this video was put on youtube.

Are more people around the world going to open their eyes now too to the strange changes that are happening? 

Why is Volbeat's song allowed to be on youtube when youtube had my original version of He Sold His Soul To The Devil banned from the site?

This is the original version of my song that youtube removed.
Listen at this link. 

Something is happening in the world. The dark side is panicking.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

NEW SHIFT: Justice For Blameless People Who Were Set Up

Over the last month I kept seeing the number 64. Within the last 2 weeks I then kept on seeing the number 423 repeatedly even many times in an hour. I looked online for an explanation but nothing made sense when I first searched back then.

Then today I found these explanations that make sense to me.


64. agreuó
Meaning: to catch, take by hunting

“In order to entrap him by some inconsiderate remark elicited from him in conversation”


423. anepilémptos

Meaning: without reproach

“Without blame in light of the whole picture.
Here the person (accuser) trying to seize someones character by unjustified censure is shown to be groundless, i.e. when the matter is understood in its full context.”



For at least the last 20 years the explanation for 64 has been happening. People have been constantly trying to set me up or entrap me.

As the explanation for 423 states, when the matter is understood in its full context I am found blameless.

There are some nasty people about who need punishment with no mercy.

The reason why these numbers and explanations have come up now is because there has been another dimension shift on earth.

This message is for all the people who have experienced being set up (64) who are now revealed as being blameless (423). It took a while to get confirmation that you are blameless but now it has come.

And like I have been saying since last year about number 42 meaning an end to boasting and a time for justice, those who came against you and I are going to get what they deserve. There is no escaping. Justice will happen. Kings Landing. The king is landing. No mercy.
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Monday, 13 May 2019

Its Not What You Think - Eye In The Triangle

From Friday the 3rd May for around 3 days I had unbelievable pain in my forehead. Not even the pain killers could help.

On the third day the pain got so bad that I closed my eyes. As my eyes were closed I could only see darkness.
Then I began to see something that was faded become clearer.
It was an eye in a triangle. It stayed in the centre of my mind.

On research, this is the Eye of Providence, also known as the Eye of God.

We have been brainwashed to think this is just an Illuminati or Freemason symbol.

It’s used by different people around the world.

The first thing that came up in a google search was this:

“The Eye of Providence is a symbol, having its origin in Christian iconography, showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle. It represents the eye of God watching over humanity.

I know that the eye of Horus is older than Christianity but the eye of Horus is different from the eye of Providence.

A week later just after midnight on the 13th May 2019 I flicked through the TV and saw that the Master of the Universe movie was on. There was 20 minutes left of the film before it finished.

The part where I started watching from was when a voice said

“The eye opens.”

Then the character Skeletor was affected by the eye as the eye opened and he changed. He said something about now he has the power of the universe. He then felt the universe from within his body.

I just found that part of the movie on youtube.

All this synchronicity. 

Why I flicked over the TV and saw that at that time is a coincidence? When the voice mentioned the eye opening, that surprised me so I kept on listening to what he was saying.

We’ll see if anything comes of this.

Also, a number of people throughout the past 2 weeks or so have also been feeling that they were going to die and their life is over.

I'm believing that some kind of death vibration shift happened and is ending... and another dimension wave is beginning something new.

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