Tuesday, 17 April 2018

What Did I Just Watch? Star Trek And The Devil?

Another coincidence?

On 16th April 2018 I turned on the TV at around 6.57pm. For some reason I had a thought to check the Horror Channel. When I went to that channel I heard that Star Trek Next Generation was about to start and it was about the devil showing up. I wondered, 

“the devil in Star Trek?” 

I wasn't expecting that so I watched it.

 It was about a 1000 year contract a female called Ardra  had with a planet and that the time of the 1000 years of peace had come to an end. (She could change into the devil)

In the show it said that the people sold their soul to the devil years ago in exchange for help. 

The signs of Ardra (devil) returning to the planet to reclaim the planet were earthquakes, pollution and other things that I can't remember right now.

She used illusions and technology which made the people think she had power. (Project Blue Beam and Haarp came to my thoughts.)

That episode is called "Devils Due." I'm not going to say anything else about it and spoil it just in case someone wants to watch it.

Why I watched that now at that time may mean something or may mean nothing. I don’t watch Star Trek so who knows why that happened.

This is the trailer for that episode

Also, do you remember the post I wrote on 7th January 2018 called “Doctor Who and the 2018 Female Energy Outpouring?

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 I said in that post I felt female energy coming in since 1st Jan 2018. I wrote mentioning 2 different female energy types. 

One good and one bad. 

Maybe what was in Star Trek proved my point with the bad female energy appearing in 2018?

Remember also that the new Doctor Who is a female. Years ago I was listening to a man who claimed to speak to staff involved with the show Doctor Who. He was asked, 

“Do you know who the Doctor is?” 

He said no. Then he was told 

"Doctor Who is Lucifer."

If that’s the case, both Star Trek and Doctor Who are showing the devil as shape shifting into a woman. In Star Trek she does fake miracles which looks like great powerful signs on earth and in the sky, but are just illusions and advanced technology being portrayed as awesome power.

Is something going to happen? Who knows?

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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Time To Shine Your Light In Your Town

It’s time to shine your light in your town.

If you don’t do it who will?

Shine the light that is within you and project it in the atmosphere.

Darkness is trying to drown us with doom and gloom.


Visualize a ball of white light building up from within your belly shining brighter and brighter and gradually getting bigger.

It increases in size and is nearly as big as you.

Now this light has got even brighter and bigger and is now bigger than you.

Inhale deeply then exhale a flow of light from within you into the atmosphere in your town. See the light from within you flowing through the streets.

Inhale deeply and exhale more light flowing further and further around your town. Your light flows into the streets to help males and females who are sad, depressed or suicidal. Your light flows inside them, stops them from harming themselves and gives them peace.

Inhale deeply and exhale more light to flow in your town at normal level, rising high up and descending underground, to shine strongly to guide rescuers to children and adults who are being used in an evil way. Inhale deeply and exhale more brighter light to weaken and disable evil males and females so they cannot move so children and adults can escape and be found by rescuers. 

Inhale deeply and exhale more light to flow in your town to touch the hearts of wealthy people to go and help poorer people out with food and bills they cannot pay.

Inhale deeply and exhale a flow of the light from within you to flow in your streets to go to sick people and push out the illness instantly as your light flows through them and gives them instant recovery.

You are the light of this world. When someone is praying for help, your light is the answer. Keep using your light to overcome the darkness. Your light can lead people to help the right people.

Now inhale once more as the light fills your whole body down to your toes, down to your finger tips, above your head and in your whole being, and gives you peace.

You can repeat this and do it with other people as often as you feel to to help you and those in your town.

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