Thursday, 27 October 2016

Spooky! Italy Earthquake Numbers MATCH Mine I Wrote 20 Days Earlier!

It gave me chills when I saw this.

The Guardian posted an article on 27/10/2016 about the earthquake in Italy.

The headline said:

"Central Italy hit by two strong earthquakes, two hours apart

Temblors of 5.4 and 6.1 magnitude – both aftershocks to the August quake that killed 300 – cause ‘apocalyptic’ damage to towns but no reported deaths."

Italy had another earthquake 2 months ago in August 2016. 

The Guardian wrote:

“At least 38 people have died and many more are missing after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit a string of hill towns and villages across central Italy.

Look at the magnitude numbers. 6.1, 5.4, 6.2

Now check out the post I made on facebook and at this link on the 7th October 2016, before the recent earthquake.

I mentioned the numbers that happened in the earthquakes - 6.1, 5.4, 6.2. So close to Halloween and this similarity is spooky.

How the US writes the date, the earthquakes happened on 10 26 16. So there we have the number 616 again.

This 616 number seems to be more important than can be imagined.

I am still wondering why all these weird things keep on being shown to me.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

DEFCON: Media Reports 1 Month After My Weird Post

I usually ignore hype about wars mentioned in the news between the US & Russia because it's usually propaganda, but since I had my encounter and shared my post a MONTH BEFORE all the hype, this situation may be serious.

The DEFCON warning system has been popping up being reported all over the place this weekend. 
Remember where you heard about the warning first in my DEFCON 4 post on 8th September 2016.
Here's a new warning from the Express on 16th October 2016 (US date 10/16/16 – The 616 number again)

Click here to read the Express' report.

Click here to read my DEFCON 4 post that I wrote a month before the media started reporting on it this weekend.

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Doctor Strange, 616 and the Key

 It took me a while to think of where to start to write this post.

On 13th October 2016 I was walking past the local cinema. There were posters outside promoting movies that are screening and coming soon. One of the posters caught my attention so much that I stopped. I took a picture of it as I wanted to remember to find out what the film was about. The film is called “Doctor Strange.”   

I went online and searched more about it. To my surprise I saw a link say “Stephen Strange (Earth 616).” You can click here to see the link.  

I did not read that entire page but found what I read interesting. It’s about the character Doctor Strange. Also, there’s that number again, 616.

What are the odds of that happening? Out of all the posters I saw, I was drawn to that one and it led me to the number 616 yet again.

 Here's the trailer

In the trailer a female says to Doctor Strange, “You’re a man looking at the world through a keyhole. You've spent your life trying to widen it.

It was only the day before that I shared a dream I had with some friends. In my dream I was given a gold key. It was like an old antique gold key shaped a little like one of the queens jewels. What a coincidence with “keyhole” mentioned in the trailer?

More weirdness

As I started to write this post, I flicked through the TV channels and on the TV they are showing the movie “Knowing” again (film mentioned in a previous post). This time it’s on the Movie Max channel.

As I was finishing off writing this blog I was listening to random music. Then all of a sudden I heard the words "Doc Strange." I had to rewind and then look online for the lyrics to see if I heard right. I did. The track was by Black Rob titled "Whoa." 

The lyrics in that line are, "Now I'm Doc Strange in the Range like whoa."

2 coincidences here. Firstly, the mention of Doctor Strange. Secondly, I was in a store called "The Range" this week! Its probably only the 2nd or 3rd time I've been in that store this year. Click to see the store.

I'm still baffled by the Euro 2016 and the 616 posts and what they revealed. I have no idea what’s happening or why these things keep being made known to me. I'm just trying to get my music out there lol.

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Monday, 10 October 2016

WOW – This is insane - Another bizarre coincidence - Is the fictitious war ready to become a reality?

 Is the fictitious war ready to become a reality?

US and Russia ready for war

One month ago on the 8th September 2016 I posted More Weirdness! DEFCON 4 - What Is About To Happen?

See that post click here.

It’s about a DVD I bought that had a film that was not the same as the DVD cover or on the DVD disc label. The movie on the DVD turned out to be DEFCON 4. This is a film I had no intention on watching and I would not have bought it if I did see it on the shelf.

Now one month later, on the 8th and 9th October 2016 I see these videos with REAL military spokesmen from the US and Russia talking of the scenario building up to what was in the film DEFCON 4. As you can imagine, I was shocked.

Video 1 - US Military Spokesperson

Video 2 - Russian Military Spokesperson

Video 3. US personnel talking about Russian troops coming home in body bags and Russian cities getting attacked

In the movie, the US fire a missile into Russia and it starts a nuclear world war. In REAL LIFE, in the first video, the US military spokesman is speaking like he is ready for war and brags about beating any enemy.

In the second video with the Russian representative, he talks about responding to an attack if the Russian troops are fired on while helping the civilians in Syria.

If you didn’t know, Russia recently held a drill with 40 million of its citizens! Who does that if there is no threat of war?

I also came across a video with a man claiming, "If it looks like Trump is going to win to become president, the US will start a war with Russia." (Don’t forget the US is in a ridiculous amount of debt too).

Again I got to stress that I got the first information about this situation from a fictitious movie I had NO intention on watching. Back then, I went to check the DEFCON rating. It was at the level of DEFCON 5 which means there are no nuclear threats. But today as I am writing this post, I went to check the level and it was at DEFCON 4! The same level as the name of the movie. Coincidence?

I didn’t watch all of the second debate between Trump and Clinton, but what I did see was that Trump looked way more stronger than he did in the first debate. So if it looks like Trump is going to win, look out US, Russia and the world. We could be about to see a war begin.

At this present time, the only outcome I can see, if or after some kind of war takes place, is the beginning of the New World Order that they have talked about for years.

If you think the weird coincidences mean something, then it would seem to be a good idea to get some canned food and water prepared even if you only have enough for a few days. Five days of supplies is better than having nothing at all.

I am not saying that a war is going to happen within days. I have no idea when or if it will happen. It's a good idea to always have at least 5 days of food and water available at all times.

If the Russian, German and other governments are preparing their citizens to stock up on food and water, what do they know? Some US citizens have done their own preparation but others are oblivious to how serious other parts of the world are taking the possibility of a world war. 

I hope no war happens. I hope I am wrong. But so far, with the weird coincidences I have shared so far none can be classed as being wrong.

See the original DEFCON 4 post I made one month before this post was written. Click Here 

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Another coincidence? Pound drops 6.1%

Another coincidence? Pound drops 6.1%

It's no secret that I have been talking about the number 616 recently and its links to 6th October 2016. Well the day after the 6th October the pound crashed 6.1%. Out of all the numbers that could have been reported, it dropped with 2 of the numbers I mentioned "6" and "1". It could have dropped 6.2, 5.4 etc but it didn't. 

I wonder if there will be any further significance to this number 616 now the time of change has begun. 

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6th October 2016 is a UNIQUE DAY!

Another sign that this day is unique. 


What I get out of this picture is that things have reached a point where change is going to come whether we want change or not. Change is happening now! You see it in the weather, wars, earthquakes and conflicts with and within political parties around the world. 

6th October 2016 (UK date) is the beginning of something new.
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The date reads the same forwards as it does backwards

Click Here to read an incredible revelation 
about the date 6th October 2016

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

616 - The 400 Year Curse Ends

616 --- 6th October 2016 --- 616

According to the explanation revealed in my previous post called "Update: Number 616 Incredible Meaning," the 400 year curse ends today.

Excerpts from this fascinating rare Fox News broadcast opens up about true American history.

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"Whoa! Israel On Fire - 616 Again." Things are happening See this link

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Jackpot Year Begins 777

 The 3rd October 2016 begins the new Jewish year of 5777. As I said in my previous post the majority of us have grown up seeing 777 as being lucky or winning the jackpot on a fruit machine.

Even though the world seems to be at war in some places, I'm going with what we have seen about the Jackpot number, 777. Fortune. Hopefully an end to the fighting in Syria. 


Something else I stumbled upon.

For some reason I came across something about being in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. Then I realized the 4's again. When the zero's are removed they make 44. Number 44 is a master number. This was something I said I kept on seeing (click here to see that post and video).


I hope this new 5777 year is a sign for the beginning of good fortune happening. Actually, great fortune happening. We would have to wait another 111 years for the next triple  number year so I'm hoping that the next 12 months will be a great year. With all the weird stuff I have come across this year, I believe anything is possible. 

The Jackpot year 777 has begun.

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Saturday, 1 October 2016

UPDATE - Number 616 Incredible Meaning

Since I posted “Number 616 What Does It Mean?” an astonishing revelation has happened.

[If this is the first time you are reading one of my posts then I suggest you read my others, especially the ones about Euro2016 and you will realise I keep getting unexpected strange revelations]

From what has come to my attention, it's now revealed that 616 is a historic date in more ways than one.

Shimon Peres, the former Israeli Prime Minister died on 28th September 2016. 

According to  he was “the LAST surviving founding father of the modern state of Israel.

It also says he was involved with 70 years in public service. His funeral was held on the day of the rare Black Moon on 30th September 2016.

On 24th September 2016, four days BEFORE Shimon Peres died was when I posted “Number 616 What Does It Mean?” It is important to mention that he was the LAST of those to form the modern day Israel. No one else who was involved with that arrangement is alive.


In 1952, when talking about the Jews who live in Israel right now, the then President of Egypt Gamal Abdul Nasser said, 

The Europeans claiming to be Jews, are nothing more than 'Hebrew speaking Gentiles.”  “ …you left here black but came back white. We cannot accept you.”

 The black people who Gamal Abdul Nasser was referring to were taken to be slaves in the US and other parts of the world. That was part of these specific black people's 400 year curse.

According to the first slaves to arrive in the US was in 1616. mentions, “Slaves were first brought to Bermuda in 1616.”

Bermuda at that time was controlled by the English (keep this in mind).

As you can see the number 616 is present in the date, but that’s not all.


The new Jewish year begins on 3rd October 2016. This begins the New Year 5777. (At the time of writing, we are in the year 5776)

Throughout our lives we have seen the number 777 as being a lucky number or “hitting the jackpot.” So throughout the year 777 could possibly be a good year for a number of people.


That leads me to another significant date. Remember it’s the 3rd October 2016 that starts the new Jewish year. Three days later is the date that the curse of the black people who were slaves (the real Jews) ends 10 6 16 (US Date). 6th October 2016. The number 616 again. That would make the date look like 1616 with the zero removed. 

This is the year the real black Jews (African American, West Indian and others scattered around the globe) were recorded as being slaves. 

That would make 1616 to 2016, 400 years. 

The curse ends on 6th October 2016. This is why there is uproar like never before about the killings of unarmed black people.

Also, as I said to keep in mind that the English controlled slavery in Bermuda in 1616, in October in England is Black History Month. The same month the curse ends!

Can all of this be a coincidence?

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