Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Reclaim Your Life - FREE Download

 The ones who are going to make our lives better are us.

I have been given insane signs to get going and make this post.

I have put together a pamphlet that aims at helping children and adults find freedom in their mind.

You can download the free PDF at the link below.

Social media for some people is turning out to be a bottomless pit as they continually scroll (fall) through endless new posts and pictures without landing and reaching the bottom.

Some people have forgotten basic things in life that benefit them.

The 'K STONE Fix Society' pamphlet 'A Better Mind, A Better Life' can help reclaim your life.

If you are an adult or a child print the pamphlet or save the PDF for yourself. It can help you out and may help out someone else you know unexpectedly too.

Remembering simple things 
can help you daily.

The power is back in your hands.

At the link, the pamphlet has 2 pages so you’ll need to scroll down the PDF to see both pages.

The printing paper size is A4.


There are 2 versions. You can download them both if you wish.

PDF 1 will save on printer ink. PDF 2 is the full colour version. Click on links to view and download.

PDF 1        PDF 2 Full Colour

Fix Society
A Better Mind

A Better Life


Fix Society


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PDF 1 Link

 PDF 2 Full Colour Link

Friday, 14 September 2018

Use Your Energy To Do Great Things

With the RIGHT people, using good energy can spread from one person to another and gradually affect many to do great things. 

Use your good energy to:

fix yourself, 
help a friend,
fix your love life and 
fix what is around you.

Fix Society

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Thursday, 13 September 2018

SEND OUT Your Powerful LIGHT - Children Need Your Help!

There are things going on outside of our everyday knowledge while some are blatantly portrayed in movies and music videos.

There are people behind the scenes who are working hard to rescue children and capture the evil people in society.
For people who just say "love and light" but are offended by why the light and love are needed, you need to re-evaluate why you say "love and light." There is darkness that is so disgusting and unbelievable in the world that needs to be brought to light.

I hope this video wakes people up. While we are continuously being occupied by entertainment evil and darkness gets away with things because of our lack of knowledge.
This video is why light needs to shine and overpower those who are evil.

If you think that you cannot affect what is happening I can tell you that you can. As unbelievable as this sounds, you can generate light in the spirit dimension to expose the evil and help the rescuers find and help vulnerable children and adults. 

If you want to know how to do it and spare a couple of minutes of your time to help those who need help, follow what I have written in the post at the link called Time To Shine Your Light In Your Town

Send out your powerful light. 

Do the process daily.

Go to this post

Fix Society
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OMG Its All Coming Out Now!

Look how fast things are being revealed! This shocked me. After you listen to this, can there be a 2020 US election? Wow!...