Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Illuminati K STONE - You Could Be Illuminati and Not Know It

Things are changing.

The world seems to be in a mess. Whether it’s the scandal over the porn star and Donald Trump or the Catholic Priests behaviour, those who are seen as being held in high esteem are not having a good time right now.

Another thing that is out of control is male suicide. This too needs to be addressed and solutions found to stop this.

I have been saying FIX SOCIETY for the last 2+ years.

If you are someone who wants to fix society, I always say, fix your own circumstances first. That’s how it all starts. Then you can affect things that are around you if you want to. What I have also noticed is when you help someone, it sometimes helps you out.

There are people around the world who just want to go out and help others. Some of these people call themselves “lightworkers.” If you are a person who has knowledge or a gift then you are really calling yourself Illuminati.

The name Illuminati has more than one meaning.

The dictionary says:

1. people claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something.

2. a sect of 16th-century Spanish heretics who claimed special religious enlightenment.

3. a Bavarian secret society founded in 1776, organized like the Freemasons.

Look online in various dictionaries and you will see for yourself that illuminati has more than one meaning. Why should only the secret society use this name and not us? Many of us are enlightened too without joining a secret club.

I am NOT a member of any secret society or have any dealings with any type of group.

I am of number 1 that is listed above. It’s not just that I claim to possess enlightenment but there is proof in what I have written over the years and in my music. When I post "outrageous" things, many times they come true.

If you are ready to fix society then begin to shine. To illuminate means: 

“to supply or bring light.” 

Use what you've got.

 What is written on the pyramid is what some people are going through right now.

Some of you, if you are able to, could form groups of support in your town. If not a group, talk to people you know about how they really are feeling. There maybe people suffering and trying to cope with things that I have written on the pyramid in my picture. By helping someone you may also be helping yourself in some way.

Male and female suicide prevention and depression are my main focus right now.

The time is now to FIX SOCIETY.

I've made a start by the only way I know how. That is to use my symbol and my experiences for change. I've put my sufferings and illumination on a t-shirt and artwork. Written on the pyramid are emotions and situations that people can get through and overcome.

I was talking to a female who was going to commit suicide a few months ago because of splitting up with her boyfriend who she hated.  To cut a long story short, over time, she now has a new boyfriend who she is far happier with.

It’s disheartening that all these male and female suicides have stopped them from shining or using their gift in their lifetime. Even being a great partner is a gift to the one you are with.

 I've done what I could think of to try and fix society.

You may say about yourself,

“I am just one person, what can one person do?”

Well I’m one person and I have written this post that you are reading.

Some people just need to be able to talk to ONE PERSON to save their life.

Genuine people need genuine help. Suicidal thoughts and depression may be affecting someone you know. Be open about it and ask how someone is feeling.  Let your light shine.


Share this post. By sharing this post you could have helped a person out. They could then be encouraged to use their gift that could end up benefiting you, them and others.

If you don’t illuminate and stand to fix society, who will? It’s not difficult. Just be you.

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Saturday, 25 August 2018

My Prediction Came True In 2 Days! Belgium EU 3 Points over England

Just a quick update:

On 18th August 2018 I posted about why England and Belgium ended up meeting in the World Cup. I worked out that it was symbolic to a possible outcome concerning Brexit.

England= Brexit
 Belgium= EU
(Because the de facto capital of the EU is in Brussels, Belgium)

As Belgium scored 3 goals against England in total throughout the tournament I mentioned the number 3 is significant against England.

Just TWO DAYS LATER on 22nd August after my post, there was a meeting about Brexit.

This is the headline from the Express

There you go. It says “the THREE issues the EU and Britain must resolve as Brexit final stage looms.”

If the score between Belgium and England was any different, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with that conclusion.

All this is another coincidence? You decide.

To read my reason why Belgium and England had to meet in the World Cup, click on this picture.

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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Bad Sign For England? - Why Belgium and England Had to Meet?

Just before I talk about the result of Belgium vs England I’ll show you what just happened with Sweden.

If you've read my post already where I mention the 3 crowns of Sweden and the 3 lions of England you can read on. The rest of you need to see the post by clicking on this picture.

 On one of the 5 shields on the Croatian flag it shows 3 lions wearing 3 crowns. As I already said, the 3 crowns represent Sweden. Also concerning the Croatian flag I said the 5 shields on the flag, to me, represented 5 powers that have been overthrown.

Now look what has happen just ONE MONTH after the last game of the World Cup was played.

Sweden, yes Sweden, has had an unexpected coordinated attack that started fires in different parts of the country. When was the last time you heard Sweden in the news? (if you don’t live in Sweden).

The Guardian newspaper reported:

Sweden’s prime minister has promised to “go in hard” against masked men who set alight up to 80 cars in Gothenburg and other towns on Sweden’s west coast, in what police say appeared to be coordinated attacks.
“I am really furious, what the hell are they up to?” Stefan Löfven told Swedish radio on Tuesday morning."  

Sweden are having an election less than one month from now on 9th September 2018. Looks like the powers are being shaken in that country just like my World Cup teams flag interpretation revealed to me.

What are the chances that Sweden would be in the news so soon after the World Cup with the focus on the political power system in trouble?


Belgium won 3rd place at the World Cup beating England 2-0.

I found something significant with the meeting of the 2 teams.
As regular readers to my posts will know, I worked out that Belgium represents the Serpent, Devil, Dragon. You can read more on that in my France vs Belgium post by clicking this picture.

In the group stage of the World Cup Belgium and England already played each other. If England really wanted a chance at winning the first meeting between the 2 teams England would have put out their best team but they did not. Belgium rested some of their players too.

England put out a weaker team which ended them losing 1 -0. This actually turned out better for England to lose than to win, because the next round would make it far more difficult for England to progress. Belgium faced the historically stronger opponents than who England faced.

So the significance to what I worked out is this. As with Sweden represented by the 3 crowns on the middle shield of the Croatian flag, the 3 lions represents England also on that middle shield. I was going to wait until something happened in England before I made my interpretation but as Sweden's country has been shaken, I'm going to go ahead with how I see the possible outcome to what could happen in England.

The political power as of this day in England is a total mess with the major party’s caught up in problems. The royal family could be having problems too. Meghan Markles father was reported to have said about the royal family:

“They are either like Scientologists or the Stepford family.
"If they hear anybody say anything they just lock the doors. They need to speak up!
“They are cult-like — like Scientology — because they are secretive.”

I don’t wish any ill will towards Mr Markle but how long will the royals have Harry’s new father in law talking the way he is about Harry's family? Whatever the outcome, this could be a bad sign for England.

So where is the link with England and Belgium?
England still has to work out a Brexit deal that doesn't seem to be working out well at all. Here is where Belgium fits in. 

Where is the recognized capital of the European Union? 


Where is Brussels? 


Who beat England to 3rd place? 


How many goals? 


If we remember the earlier result in the group stage, Belgium beat England 1-0. So in total that’s 3 strikes against England who could not respond with one goal back in either game.

If I have interpreted the meeting with England and Belgium correctly, England may not be going to get a good deal from Brussels for Brexit which could affect those in power in government and maybe also the royal family in some way.

There could be 3 strikes that affect England due to the fact Belgium scored 1-0 and 2-0 a total of 3 against England. When I use the word “strikes” it could mean any type of situation that happens in England that affects the country in some way.

Like I've said in other posts, I am only going by the teams that made it to play each other when they did. I could not come up with these conclusions with other teams as it would have no significance.

All my writings in this post are possible predictions. I usually write what I see happen after events take place, so if what I have said about England is wrong, it’s because I decided to jump ahead and guess what this all means. If England get a good Brexit deal then that will be good for the country. If not, you will know that I interpreted it to have ended up this way. If I have not got it completely correct I will update it. I'm not a fortune teller. I'm a music producer.

The connection with England-Brexit and Belgium-EU could not have worked with any other team. Makes you wonder. Lets wait and see the outcome.

To see my interpretation of the Croatian flag, read the second half of my post "Apocalyptic Sign As France Win World Cup" at this link

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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Ariana Grande and My Jupiter Experience Update

In June 2017 I had an experience that I flew to Jupiter.

A number of things were revealed then.

At one point I was in this large hall with beings on both sides, cheering me. I could sense them but not see them.

At the front was a being who said it was my higher self.

During that time after June 2017 I was given the ability to see the being who claimed to be my higher self as a flame that looked like a candle flame.

Also during that time I saw a glass pyramid transform into what looked like a glass Eiffel Tower (the receiver), and I ran into a blue sapphire pyramid that relates to being royalty and other things.

Now a year later in 2018 I saw Ariana Grande’s new video “God Is A Woman.” I saw similarities in that video to what I experienced in 2017.

The first similarity represents what the being, claiming to be my higher self, was displayed as. As I could only hear the higher self and not see it I was allowed to see it as a form of a candle flame that was about 6-7ft tall.
In Ariana’s video it shows her in the flame but not just any type of flame. It is a flame in the shape of a candle flame.

Also she sits in a pyramid. I also mentioned a year ago going into a blue jewel shaped pyramid.

After seeing this video I started to have questions. I wondered how come the symbolisms could be so similar to my experience. I thought my experience could be deceptive like Ariana sings "God Is A Woman" is deceptive.

So on the 9th August 2018, while in the spirit realm on Jupiter, I asked the flame (represented as my higher self) a question. 

When I asked the higher self the question it vanished immediately and its light was no longer there. I then asked the audience in the hall the same question and they all vanished in the blink of an eye. So there I was standing there in darkness. I left it like that for a few hours and carried on with my day.

I then thought about something that I haven’t shared on my blog before is that I have already met my higher self and my higher self looks exactly like me. So when this light on Jupiter said it was my higher self I was confused but went along with it.

Later on in the day I closed my eyes and spoke with the beings that were there the first time when I grew my white wings. These beings are different from the ones on Jupiter.

I asked them what has happened? Then I heard that I had to go there to experience and receive the glass pyramid, the receiver and the blue sapphire pyramid.

The being who said it was my higher self that was there on Jupiter needed me around to benefit from me because of what all these things represent.

Then I was given an illustration. I was told: 

It’s like a person, who you think is your friend, who wants you around because it benefits them if you are with them. But when you ask them the right questions that reveal who they really are, they get exposed and vanish.

I just had to ask the right questions and recently I did. That’s why they vanished. They are like parasites and leeches that were planning to take from me what is not theirs but mine. They should have no part of what belongs to me.

As the day went on I wondered what I was supposed to do now. I thought to fly back down to earth but I felt an energy force say “no.” So I stood in that dark hall for a while, then from out of nowhere I said

“Let there be diamonds.”

Then instantly before me and around me the hall was lit up full of diamonds. 

They were the size of my hand and completely covered the floor, walls and ceiling. I could see nothing else apart from these diamonds. 

I said “this looks nice.” Why I said diamonds, I have no idea. I have decided to call this hall the Diamond Room.

I wonder if Jupiter or diamonds will be mentioned in the news as last time I mentioned Jupiter it appeared unexpectedly on the news within 7 days.

This post is an update to say that something has changed in the spirit dimension. 

The leeching misleading entities have had to leave. 

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