Saturday, 25 August 2018

My Prediction Came True In 2 Days! Belgium EU 3 Points over England

Just a quick update:

On 18th August 2018 I posted about why England and Belgium ended up meeting in the World Cup. I worked out that it was symbolic to a possible outcome concerning Brexit.

England= Brexit
 Belgium= EU
(Because the de facto capital of the EU is in Brussels, Belgium)

As Belgium scored 3 goals against England in total throughout the tournament I mentioned the number 3 is significant against England.

Just TWO DAYS LATER on 22nd August after my post, there was a meeting about Brexit.

This is the headline from the Express

There you go. It says “the THREE issues the EU and Britain must resolve as Brexit final stage looms.”

If the score between Belgium and England was any different, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with that conclusion.

All this is another coincidence? You decide.

To read my reason why Belgium and England had to meet in the World Cup, click on this picture.

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