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Illuminati K STONE - You Could Be Illuminati and Not Know It

Things are changing.

The world seems to be in a mess. Whether it’s the scandal over the porn star and Donald Trump or the Catholic Priests behaviour, those who are seen as being held in high esteem are not having a good time right now.

Another thing that is out of control is male suicide. This too needs to be addressed and solutions found to stop this.

I have been saying FIX SOCIETY for the last 2+ years.

If you are someone who wants to fix society, I always say, fix your own circumstances first. That’s how it all starts. Then you can affect things that are around you if you want to. What I have also noticed is when you help someone, it sometimes helps you out.

There are people around the world who just want to go out and help others. Some of these people call themselves “lightworkers.” If you are a person who has knowledge or a gift then you are really calling yourself Illuminati.

The name Illuminati has more than one meaning.

The dictionary says:

1. people claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something.

2. a sect of 16th-century Spanish heretics who claimed special religious enlightenment.

3. a Bavarian secret society founded in 1776, organized like the Freemasons.

Look online in various dictionaries and you will see for yourself that illuminati has more than one meaning. Why should only the secret society use this name and not us? Many of us are enlightened too without joining a secret club.

I am NOT a member of any secret society or have any dealings with any type of group.

I am of number 1 that is listed above. It’s not just that I claim to possess enlightenment but there is proof in what I have written over the years and in my music. When I post "outrageous" things, many times they come true.

If you are ready to fix society then begin to shine. To illuminate means: 

“to supply or bring light.” 

Use what you've got.

 What is written on the pyramid is what some people are going through right now.

Some of you, if you are able to, could form groups of support in your town. If not a group, talk to people you know about how they really are feeling. There maybe people suffering and trying to cope with things that I have written on the pyramid in my picture. By helping someone you may also be helping yourself in some way.

Male and female suicide prevention and depression are my main focus right now.

The time is now to FIX SOCIETY.

I've made a start by the only way I know how. That is to use my symbol and my experiences for change. I've put my sufferings and illumination on a t-shirt and artwork. Written on the pyramid are emotions and situations that people can get through and overcome.

I was talking to a female who was going to commit suicide a few months ago because of splitting up with her boyfriend who she hated.  To cut a long story short, over time, she now has a new boyfriend who she is far happier with.

It’s disheartening that all these male and female suicides have stopped them from shining or using their gift in their lifetime. Even being a great partner is a gift to the one you are with.

 I've done what I could think of to try and fix society.

You may say about yourself,

“I am just one person, what can one person do?”

Well I’m one person and I have written this post that you are reading.

Some people just need to be able to talk to ONE PERSON to save their life.

Genuine people need genuine help. Suicidal thoughts and depression may be affecting someone you know. Be open about it and ask how someone is feeling.  Let your light shine.


Share this post. By sharing this post you could have helped a person out. They could then be encouraged to use their gift that could end up benefiting you, them and others.

If you don’t illuminate and stand to fix society, who will? It’s not difficult. Just be you.

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