Monday, 28 December 2020

2020 Mystery Prophecy Synchronicity


 I noticed some things this year.


I’m not saying you should believe this or not. 


Some observations that I saw this year which made me think of the ancient prophecies were...


1. The SpaceX Dragon launched this year (2020).


Ancient text says: 

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”


Around the world people saw a number of lights fly across the sky that flew in a line. People were in awe of the sightings. This was around the same time as the Dragon was launched.


[BREAK: This has happened again and was seen by a number of people in December 2020]


2. Trumps former lawyer Sidney Powell said, “Release the Kraken.” (I thought that was a very odd thing to say.) The Kraken is a beast that comes out of the sea.


Ancient text says: 

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea…”


In the 2010 movie ‘Clash of the Titans’ one of the non human beings says,


“It’s time for the mortals to pay.”


Later on, the other one says,


“Release the Kraken.”


Over the years I have noticed that some movies will let us know what has been preplanned by "those in power."


So if it is ‘time for the humans to pay’ is that what we are seeing now with all these lockdowns all over the world and people losing their homes and jobs at the same time fires, landslides and a number of catastrophes happen around the world all around the same time?


 3. The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction took place on 21st December 2020. The symbol for Saturn (Cronus) is the sickle.


Ancient text says: 

“And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.”


All from numbers 1-3 happened within the last 7 months.


In December 2019 I wrote what I saw about the ancient text that matched up with our world in 2019. In that post it included the woman with the crown of 12 stars and the Man Child both leaving last year this time. Other things were also revealed in that post.


Everything, if I have interpreted it right, seems to all follow in line with the ancient prophecies in 2019 and 2020.


Last years December 2019 post is at this link

I've just realized that Anthony Joshua had a fight in December 2019 and December 2020. Both with him winning. His name is significant too.

 I’m just saying what I saw.


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Water Fountain Vision Update


This is an update on the vision I saw.

On 21st December I wrote this on Facebook:


On December 21st 2020 as I was in my home, all of a sudden I could see in the other dimension. I saw a pure white marble looking water fountain. Its design was similar to the picture. It was about 5 metres wide. I could see nothing else just this fountain. Everywhere else was white. It was made known to me that it was inside a palace.
I was then directed to go up to the fountain and put my hand in the water. I did (with my other dimension body). Then I heard the words “fountain of youth.”
I stood there for a while and then the vision ended.
I was not going to share this vision but I was given multiple signs to, so here it is. If it means something we will see.
Fix Society



 I have numerous visions and dreams but the majority I don’t post online.


I posted the vision above in a Facebook group to see if anyone had any idea what it was about. This was put in a comment.


The explanation was great as I never knew any of this.

The fountain represents an opening which is a connection to eternity. The water represents eternity. I put my hand in the water. So has this tunnel or connection opened up now? I need to see something happen to believe it.


As I was reading the picture I saw it mentioned "ambrosia." I didn't know what it meant so I looked it up.


There are a few meanings. Here are two.


1. "Ambrosia literally means "immortality" in Greek"


2. "Ambrosia definition: In Greek mythology, ambrosia is the food of the gods."


What is also interesting is that the conjunction on 21st was with Jupiter and Saturn... the same day as my vision. These are both names of gods - Zeus (Jupiter) and Cronus (Saturn).


I then checked and realized from the 20th December I decided to have rice pudding for the first time in months, maybe over a year. I have no idea why, but I ended up having rice pudding on the 20th and 21st Dec.


The brand of rice pudding I was eating is called "Ambrosia."




It keeps coming to my mind that the water fountain I saw is on Jupiter. If I am right, then the fountain of youth is there.

Six days before the water fountain vision happen I posted my latest video called I Exist I Exist. It’s at this link

Maybe this is all connected.

I’ll have to work out what this all means. The answer is probably staring right at me but I can’t see it yet.


It would be good if something special happened right about now so I can say clearly what this all means.


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Monday, 21 December 2020

Are We Part of A Movie Script?


I’ve seen so much this year that I haven’t wrote about. Situations have lined up to the things I have shared in the past.


I’m not going to write them all out. Just look at the last 2 weeks.


1. A respected ex Israeli general comes out and says ET’s exist and Trump knows about it and was going to reveal it but they stopped him. (IN OTHER WORDS THEY JUST OFFICIALLY DISCLOSED THAT NON HUMAN BEINGS EXIST)




2. A tweet by Mike Pence - 18th Dec 2020

 “It was my honor to announce today, that the men and women of Space Force will be known as GUARDIANS”


 So within days of each other we get to know that non humans exist and, to bring the Space Force back into the public’s consciousness, these people are to be called Guardians. 




3. The movie Songbird gets released in December. It’s about a new strain of covid. I mentioned about this movie in November.


And surprise surprise within days of Songbird being released…


4. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says there is a new strain of covid in ENGLAND!


This is where Boris messed up. He should have said a new strain from China. That would have been more believable. 

So where and how did this new strain mutate? And why did it begin in England? Is it time to turn up the game and use 5G on the public for Boris to then say "I told you so?" This all makes no sense unless...


With the release of Songbird and Boris’ “new covid strain” declaration days later, it’s like those in power are saying,


“Tell the stupid humans what we are doing through movies. Then make them argue and hate each other over masks vs no masks, black people vs white people, pro vaccine takers vs anti vaxxers. Lets cancel their Christmas too and see what they do. They will still do what we tell them to do.”


So between the start of covid to now, they claim the “number of cases escalated” and a new strain is “here?” This means wearing masks and social distancing don’t work. And so far the vaccines don’t work either. Do they already have an alternative to the vaccine prepared ready to be revealed?


And to top it all off, the similarities with what has been revealed from numbers 1-4 are in the movie that I have talked about for some years now, “The 5th Wave.”


According to what the government has said, we have had the first wave, second wave (I don’t know if they have talked about a third or fourth wave), but the fifth wave according to the movie is when people realise that those who are now in power are against the public. The public fighting back is the fifth wave.

Now that London and parts of the south of England are on lockdown I have seen a report that some European countries are closing the door on UK travel to their country.

What also has been reported today (20th Dec) which seems odd is that Saudi Arabia are closing all land and sea ports. Why?


Is this going to become a trend and everyone around the world are locked down in their own countries for some time?

As long as people start to wake up and think for themselves, they are at an advantage.

This all seems like we are all part of a movie script. 

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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Extra Dimensional Being Assists Music Producer to Finish Track I Exist I Exist


 I had this unusual experience.

Since around early November 2020 I had signs that I had to create a new track and put inside it words that were revealed to me, and also somehow include two dreams I had and put it in the song.


On 1st December 2020 I spent time trying to put everything in order with the track. I was having a difficult time. I couldn’t arrange the music or the words. The whole process was confusing, depressing and frustrating. I always finish a creation even if I don’t put it out in the public arena.


I decided that I was going to give up and not go ahead with it and delete it.


Just as I was about to shut the music software down a “being” joined with my body.


The best way I can describe it is, imagine you are sitting down not thinking of anything important. Then all of a sudden you sense an invisible being slightly bigger than the size of your body joins your body and your body is aligned with it. You are inside the beings body. When you move your hand it moves its hand with yours. Same with your head as you turn your head its head moves too.


What also happened was that something went into the centre of my brain and rested there and a cord connected with it and the cord went down my back. I could feel this cord in my body as if it was one with my spinal cord.


At that point the stress and depression instantly vanished. My skin and mind felt this aura of calmness. 

I looked at the track and started arranging the music and the vocals as if it was easy. It looked like I knew what I was doing. It was like, 

“This goes here, that goes there, this needs moving, this goes here…” 

I even questioned myself if it was even me putting it all together.


I spent hours arranging the track as I was in total peace and was calm. 

After a long time I said to myself, 

“I have to go to sleep now as I have been doing this nonstop for hours.”


The next time that I had time to continue, I opened up the music program. I looked at what was done before and had no idea what to do next. 


Then the depression came on strong as I had no idea how to complete the rest of the production. There were over 100 tracks to sort out for this one song.


Yet again that "extra dimensional being" returned, joined my body, went in my brain then the cord went down my spine and I sensed being inside its body again. 

The depression vanished straight away and I was back to being in a blissful state. Again I was putting different parts in the right places and building the production easily. The being never spoke to me during this process. Our hands and movements were in effortless synchronization as I finished the track.


The following day a thought came to me and I said,


“Who are you, what is your name?”


The response I got back was the beings name is called



It was made known to me that this track had to be created. Purpose showed up for it to be my purpose to put this track out there.


Usually putting together a completed production takes me around 2-4 weeks. This track took me 5 days.


The next day after the being told me its name is Purpose I remembered something that was in the second Matrix movie.


(Firstly, I give recognition to Sophia Stewart as she is the creator of the Matrix story.)


What came to my mind was when agent Smith was talking to Neo about “purpose.”

Listen to this short clip


It intrigued me to find out the name of the part of my brain that was joined with the being. I felt it go in my brain and rest at that specific part in my head.


The part of the brain it joined with mine is called the Corpus Callosum. See picture.


The function of the Corpus Callosum:

 “The two hemispheres in your brain are connected by a thick bundle of nerve fibres called the corpus callosum that ensures both sides of the brain can communicate and send signals to each other.”


Well that was what happened so I could complete the track.


I’ve created 2 videos for the track. One is a lyric video.


Some people will relate to the track straight away. Some may not understand it. To help you understand the track you can read the two dreams I had that influenced the track.


1st Dream is in Part 1 at this link


2nd Dream at this link


This is the video. The track is called I Exist I Exist. I was originally just going to call it “I Exist” but was guided to repeat the name in the title. There is a purpose why it is repeated.


This is the lyrics video link for I Exist I Exist.


As I spent days repeatedly going over the track editing it and hearing the words “I am that I am, I exist I exist,” it gave me peace of mind and made me feel like,


“I am content being me, this is me. I am that I am, I exist I exist.”


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I Exist I Exist is being added to more streaming sites over time. To see list so far, click on this link.


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Saturday, 14 November 2020

DREAM: Black Sky and the Alien Visitation


I had a dream on 14th November 2020.


It’s not one I wanted to share but again I was given signs to. If it means something one day like some of my other dreams and visions, then we will see.


The dream starts off with me outside looking up in the sky. All the lights of the sky were not shining. No moon light and no stars lighting the sky.


I then walked into a house and said to the people inside that the sky had been turned off. They thought I meant Sky TV. I said,


“No. Outside all the lights in the sky are off. They turned off the sky.”


I then went back outside. I looked up at the black sky. Suddenly I saw a circle of light fly towards the house and then hover over the house. I went back inside the house and said,


“A strange UFO, light portal thing is hovering above the house.” 


I walked outside first and then about 4 other people who were in the house followed behind me.


All off a sudden I could see some cartoon figures down the end of the path.


I said,


“Oh right. Its not real. They are projecting cartoon figures.”


I wasn’t impressed by what looked like a lame attempt by “the powers that be” making it look like an alien invasion. Then as I walked closer to what seemed like a screen where the cartoon characters were projected on, one of the cartoon people stepped out of the screen and became a 3 dimensional being. I was shocked watching this cartoon character step out and become real.

 He stepped out first then a female cartoon character stepped out and then a shorter one about 2-3 foot tall followed. There were about 5 of these cartoon beings there.

 Then the male one in front started walking towards me slowly but boldly with no fear. I was curious and cautious because I have never seen a cartoon being come to life. He stretched his hand towards me and said,


“I know you’re God. I know you’re God.”


His voice was calm and smooth like velvet. That’s the best way I could explain it. As he shook my hand I felt like a rubber glove texture as I shook his hand. His hand was strong. He didn’t squeeze my hand hard when he shook it but I could feel his hand had a far greater strength than humans have.


As he shook my hand and said “I know you’re God, I know you’re God,” it felt so strange that I woke up right at that moment.


End of Dream---


When I woke up I thought that this could represent, after a black out, beings from another dimension would be revealed to us.

The part where he said, "You are God, You are God," I felt that he was talking about more people not just me.


I don’t know what the dream means.


We’ll just have to wait and see if something comes of this.


I’ve just checked the moon phase and it is going to be a new moon on the 15th November UK time 05:07am. At the time of writing, it is the 14th November 2020.  When it is a new moon the moon will be black as it begins a new month cycle. Maybe that’s the first significant sign of the dream? Maybe not.

We’ll just have to wait and see if something else happens.

 Keep an eye out. You may notice something that I don’t see. Keep looking up at the sky when you can.


Fix Society


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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Do We Really Have A Choice?

 Whether you believe in the writings of Nostradamus, the Bible, Hopi prophecies or any other text, most state an outcome that has been decided already. How we get to the next stage however, can come through a number of options.


For example, this is Dr Strange searching for possible outcomes of what was going to take place regardless of what the fighters did. He looked into the future and saw 14,000,605 outcomes from the same war they were going to take part in. They had no choice but to take part in the war. The outcome that wins is what was supposed to happen.


Does it matter who wins politically because what is supposed to take place will happen for this time in history? Does it matter who wins between Trump and Biden/Harris, because what is supposed to happen whether people like it or not will happen?


What if the recount says Trump had more votes but the human path in history has aligned Biden/Harris to win? Or what if Trump is declared the winner and he wins?

Both sides are still pushing for people to take a vaccine whoever wins. A virus that the majority of people recover from. For example, President Donald Trump and Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson BOTH had the virus and BOTH RECOVERED and no safe vaccine has been created yet. They are both aged in the vulnerable category. As of the 9th November 2020 I saw that they are saying that tests show of a vaccine that now has a 90% chance of success. Trump and Johnson have already recovered WITHOUT this vaccine.

The course of history, on a major scale, is not up to humans. The course has been documented by people hundreds of years ago. We just have to see who gets chosen to lead the next stage.


There are ancient texts that say there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars and on the earth. I do believe the Planet Parade on July 4th was a big sign, which I gave an interpretation for.


In this video it shows part of what has happened on earth this year. It falls in line with what was written hundreds of years ago.


The only real choice humans have it would seem, is to fix their own lives. After that, you affect people one way or another wherever you are and people affect you at times.


What I have been saying for years is Fix Society by fixing your life first. The bigger picture will play out like it is supposed to.


Fix Society


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2020 Mystery Prophecy Synchronicity

    I noticed some things this year.   I’m not saying you should believe this or not.    Some observations that I saw this year which ...