Thursday, 29 November 2018

DREAM: Journey Into Space 2018

On 27th November 2018 I had a dream.

I was in what looked like a topless roller coaster train. I think it had 3 carriages linked to each other. There were about 15 people that filled the seats.

The train flew up into space. The first thing I saw was 7 giant people wearing gold crowns. These could have been angels. They were all happily singing the same song. It sounded awesome. These huge angels had some male and at least one female in the group. The way they stood reminded me of how some old ships had carvings of a figure at the front like this.

Then the train I was in flew passed a colourful planet, then a cluster of other planets.

Then the people and I landed on a planet. I saw two of the people who were on the train come though a giant door towards me. I remember saying to them,

“Now do you believe the things I have been saying were not crazy as now you are seeing them for yourself?”

The door they walked through was huge.

Then I remember talking to a person who was a barber on a planet that was similar to earth. I saw the barber in his shop. He finished cutting a customer’s hair then I spoke with him. He went next door to another shop and took out a vinyl record with instrumentals on it and said I could add words to the music.

Then he went into a shop, which could have been a café, next door. All 3 shops were his.

While we were in that café there was one female sitting in there. Then another female came in and said, 

“Does anyone know where there is a post box (mailbox) as I need to post a letter?”

I said there are post boxes all over this planet. I walked her outside and looked across a busy road. I said, look a post box is over there.

That’s all I can remember.


Why did I post this dream? Because some of my dreams eventually play out in the real world in some way.  If this one does, I may do an update.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

In Just TWO DAYS Look Number 42 - Reaping Coincidence?

 On 23rd Nov 2018 I posted a video.
You can see the date I posted it.

It's about the Clinton Foundation and an upset Haitian man talking about what the Clinton's are up to in his country.

Just 2 days later Donald Trump makes a post about the Clinton Foundation dropping 42% in donations.

So in just 2 days and more synchronicity shows up. I had no idea that Trump was going to post about the Clinton Foundation or mention #42.

On 14th October last month, I posted the meaning of number 42. You can see it at this link.

Can all of this be another coincidence? The reaping is underway.

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Thursday, 15 November 2018

I took a Picture of a Demon Face in the Cloud

On the 1st of November 2018 I made a post called “7 Days of Change.”

In that post I said

“Let’s see if something significant happens during or after the 7 days of change.”

Some things did happen in the seven days, but what happened on the 12th November 2018 I will share.

I was informed by the spirit dimension to go out into nature. While out there I was shown that I had to return all the curses back to the people who have sent curses to me. I had no idea these people were sending curses to me. I was even shown their names so now I know who they are.

I was shown what to say.

As I was going through the names and returning back the curses to each of these individuals who sent their curse to me, I had a sudden urge to look behind me. I turned around and looked up into the sky. When I saw the face in the sky I said “Whoa!”

First understand that in the sky the face was perfectly clear. By the time I took my phone out to take a picture, the cloud was thinning out and parting away. I had to zoom in as close as I could as my phone could barely pick up the face.
This is a picture I took.

This is a slightly enhanced view.

If you still can’t work it out, here are the eyes, nose, mouth and chin that I have pointed out. 

The following day I said to myself that I would never find out who that face was. Then I heard that dimension say “ask.”

So I said

“Who was the face in the cloud that I saw yesterday?”

Immediately after I asked, I was told the name straight away. I heard that dimension say “Leviathan.”

I searched online and this is what I found.

Leviathan is the demon of envy. That certainly makes sense to me as those people are envious of me.

Something else I found interesting is from this website

It said:

In demonology , Leviathan is one of the Seven Princes of Hell and its gatekeeper. Leviathan as the gatekeeper is known as Hellmouth where the mighty demon’s mouth is the gates of Hell itself.”

So I done a search on the Gates of Hell and found this.

“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

So this is saying, the gates of hell (Leviathan) cannot prevail (cannot win) against me.

The very next bible text said

And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

After I read that, it came to me that I had to bind hand and feet the people who sent an Obeah curse and other curses to me. If they tried again or asked someone to do it on their behalf, the curse would not come to me but affect that person 7 times over. So I did what that dimension revealed for me to do and bound all those people who sent curses to me who now have those curses back on them. There is nothing that can stop them from receiving the curse they sent out.

Bound hand and feet

You may be wondering “how did you bind them?”

They are bound in the astral world, Heaven, as mentioned in the verse.

This video clip is an example of our physical world (earth) and the astral world (heaven). 

This clip is only just over 1 minute long

There is more to this world than you realize.

A word of warning, don’t send curses on peaceful innocent people who mean you no harm. You may end up receiving your curse 7 times worse back on you than you sent out. I am not cursing these people. All I am doing is rejecting/ returning to sender, curses that I do not want. Its their own curses they sent out that is returning to them.

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Red Wave - Punishment and Justice

I switched on the TV and left it on in the background.  It was on the BBC breakfast programme on the morning of 10th Nov 2018. I was surprised when I heard they were talking about a “Wave.”

Then I saw they were talking about the poppies. Look, you can see a RED WAVE in the picture above and in the picture below. The pictures are of the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, England.

 Check out my post about the number 42 for more information where I mentioned a red wave near the end of that post.

Then the spirit dimension showed me that the red flag with the hammer and sickle did not just represent the reaping that is to take place for the corrupt leaders around the world, but also for those people who I PERSONALLY KNOW who are against me. The funny thing is, these people who speak evil of me who I know, who hate me, are so disloyal to each other that they back stab each other and then it gets back to me what they have done lol.  And then they don’t realise that I know that they read my posts because each of them tell on each other. They have no idea which ones speak to me as they are all disloyal to each other, and they won't admit to the other that they spoke to me lol.

Just get a life and do you. Try and progress your own life.

 The red wave explained by the spirit world was showing me that those who I personally know who hate me are going to be paid back for their evil a double portion of punishment. 


As 777 is known as a jackpot, 777 and 777 is a double jackpot, a double portion of PUNISHMENT for them. A total of 6 sevens add up to 42.

42 represents the end of boasting by those who are evil. The sickle represents time to reap. The hammer represents justice. The red flag represents the red wave and also blood.

 It’s a good time to be alive for me as I have suffered at the hands of evil people. It’s a very bad time for you if you bad mouth me behind my back and are one of the evil people. 



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Thursday, 1 November 2018

7 Days of Change 2018

Over recent years I began to recognize the 1st to 7th November. This period of time was when I was in hospital and was supposed to die. A voice came to my hospital bed and said I could die and leave this world now if I wanted to.
I went in on the 1st and left the hospital on the 7th November.

Now, I’m still here promoting my music productions and also sharing the knowledge of the other dimension that comes to me, with those who support what I do.

Usually something happens around this time.

Let’s see if something significant happens in the world during or after the 7 Days of Change. 

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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Coping When Someone Dies - FREE Download

This year I have spoken to a number of people who have had people close to them pass away.
The recurring thing I heard them say is that there has been no-one to make sense of what was happening.

One day in 2018 I visited my mother’s grave. There was a lady sitting on the grave of her son who was buried this year. The lady was talking to her son who had died.
I stopped to speak to the lady, as she was close to my mothers grave. She said she didn’t know how to cope. We talked for a while then she left feeling a little better.

A few weeks later I saw the same lady in town. She looked at a loss. I walked up to her and said to her if she remembered me. She looked confused and then remembered. She was waiting for her daughter to arrive. I could see when we were talking that she was still badly affected by the loss of her son.

When her daughter turned up we spoke for a little while longer. As I was about to leave she was so grateful that I took the time out to stop and talk to her.

As I looked around at the people walking by, it made me think about all the other people who are suffering because someone has died.  They walk pass us every day and we just don’t know what they are going through.

The lady made me feel as if I had to get a pamphlet written to help her and others who need an idea on how to cope.

Click on this link to read and download the free pamphlet. (After you click on the link you will have to scroll down as the file has 2 pages)

What is in the pamphlet is what I have experienced and also learnt from how others have felt. The point of this pamphlet is to help people through this dark confusing time when a loved one has died.

Feel free to download it and share it. 

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Dr Who Episode “Rosa Parks” SUCKS - “Blacks, stay in your place”

The TV was on and I realised Doctor Who was about to start.

To cut a long story short, it was about Rosa Parks.

In my opinion, the message was “blacks, stay in your place.

The show seemed to say, the only way black people are going to be treated with respect is to disobey the “white law” like Rosa Parks.

Also in the show, if the “white law” doesn’t “treat” Negro's fairly it won’t take white people to stand for what is right, according to Doctor Who, it will take a meteor or some rock from out of space to hit the earth to shake things up. Really?

After watching this episode I was left with a headache.

 The writers of Dr Who are not stupid.

I was hoping that this new Doctor Who was going to bring something new and entertaining like previous Doctor Who’s. Instead it has been very disappointing.

BBC or whoever is behind the mind control, you can keep on going on with your agenda to subconsciously promote racism, but you cannot easily fool everyone.

You have tried to make it seem like you are saying “racism is not a good thing” but at the same time planting anger in the subconscious mind.

You can keep promoting your BS. You will not trigger me into being racist or treating people of a different colour negatively.

I see you. That’s why I wrote the track “It’s That Man Again.”

 You can listen to what I say by going to this link

Now I’ve mentioned the Rosa Parks episode, you’ll get more viewers. After all, that’s what you care about… the ratings and how many people watched it.

I liked some of the episodes in past Doctor Who’s, but the two episodes I have seen so far in this new series have not kept up with what has gone on before.

I’m not impressed at all. But hey… do what you keep doing. Keep on promoting the racism energy into the atmosphere so you divide and conquer. 

There are enough people awake now who can see what is happening. We won’t be controlled by your agenda anymore.

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DREAM: Journey Into Space 2018

On 27th November 2018 I had a dream. I was in what looked like a topless roller coaster train. I think it had 3 carriages linke...