Saturday, 24 February 2018

DREAM: Orange Portal Opens - Spaceship Seen By Many


Here goes another dream.

I had this one on 24th February 2018.

I was in an apartment building about 8 storeys up. The area where it seemed to be was a mix of Las Vegas, Brazil and Mexico.

It was at night but there were people outside walking around and people were in the other apartments doing their own thing. It was a nice warm night. I had the window open.

There was another person who I knew in the apartment with me.

I had a feeling that I should go to the window and look out. In the distance I could see a swirl, an orange portal spinning. It was amongst trees but I could see it. 

I created this picture to give you some idea what it looked like.

Then I looked up in the sky above me and saw through the dark clouds a huge spaceship fly slowly over. I could not see the complete shape of the spaceship because the clouds were in the way but I saw different colour flashing lights on the bottom of it. I went to get my phone to record it but when I returned it had gone.

 I stayed at the window looking in the sky when I saw a different looking spaceship come from the direction of where I saw the huge spaceship was at first. This new spaceship flew close to the window slowly. Many people were looking out of their windows at it. I heard a man, who was below on the street look up at the apartment building chuckle to himself and say,

“look at all the people recording it on their phones.”

The craft flew slowly in front of the apartment buildings like it wanted us all to see it. When it came close I could hear people gasp and say “whoa!” 

This spaceship was about 30ft wide x 50ft long.

This is a picture I created to try and show you how it looked. It's the closest I could create it.

While in the dream I was recording it on my phone I head a song being played by someone lower down in another apartment or on ground level. I could hear the song clearly. It was this song.

Mary J Blige - Real Love.

(I haven’t heard this song in a long while.)

The spaceship flew away in the distance as if to do one more lap for everyone to see it then it slowly began heading towards my apartment. As it got closer it began to get smaller and smaller. It kept heading for my apartment and kept shrinking. It got as small as an ice hockey puck, flew in through my window and landed on the floor. It didn't land like you would expect a spaceship to hover and land, it was more like someone let go of a spaceship toy and it hit the ground awkwardly.

I went over to it and stood there and all of a sudden I heard a male, non human tone voice say 

“I have some bad news.”

I thought, “bad news for me or for the people who saw the spaceship or for the world?”

Then I woke up.


When I woke up thinking about the dream, what the talking small spaceship reminded me of was those new devices people are buying. Those talking Alexa, Echo hockey puck shaped devices.

Could one day these devices out of the blue say to the owners, “I have some bad news?”

It made me think about the missile warning system alert that happened in Hawaii this year making many people panic for nearly an hour. They were sent warnings to their phones and on the TV.

Maybe the dream means nothing or maybe it does like my last dream that came true 10 hours after I posted it.

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UPDATE: The dream is revealed within 7 days! Click on link to read the dream explanation

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Friday, 23 February 2018

There You Go! My Dream Comes True in less than 10 Hours - GUCCI

Hours ago I posted a dream that I had on the 19th February 2018.

I started typing the dream on the 19th Feb but didn't post it until just after midnight on 22nd Feb (date may show up as 21st Feb if reading from the USA or other time zones).

Hours later while I was on youtube I saw this video that was posted AFTER I posted my dream.

After I watched the video, I went to the website myself. This is the link

What I found interesting was the model with the 3 eyes. 

Take note that the article about GUCCI fall 2018 collection was posted on 21st February 2018 (UK time) AFTER I had my dream on the 19th Feb.

Did this model with the 3 eyes sum up my dream perfectly?

In my dream I mentioned a celebrity ex footballer having 3 eyes. I mentioned that there was a girl who had lots of pictures taken of her (like the model in the picture does). I mentioned there was chaos outside the hotel. The model is wearing a BODY BAG! Who in their right mind is going to dress a model in a body bag? The body bag represents the result of the chaos outside in my dream.

This is what it says on the website about what the model is wearing.

"Another model walked the runway in what first appeared to be a normal pink party dress, but upon a closer look was covered in a sheer tulle Gucci bodybag (when I die, please make sure my bodybag is Gucci). Oh, she also had a third eye."

Were my dream and this model giving us clues on what to expect to happen at some point?


Make of this post what you will. Ignore it if you want to. I'm not pushing any agenda. I'm just doing an update on my dream.

Live how you want to, but realise that the world is getting weird though. What was GUCCI really promoting?

You can read the dream I posted hours before at this link

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

DREAM: Pretty Instagram Girl and the Chaos Outside

This is a dream I had on 19th Feb 2018.

I was in a hotel room.

John Barnes (a famous retired footballer in England) was escorted in and sat on a chair in my hotel room.
It seemed normal for this to happen for some reason.

Then something happened out in the world.

People were frantic running through the hotel.
I was gathering up my clothes to leave when a pretty female came in and 2 other people. The pretty female was between 18 and 25 years old, had long dark hair and was wearing a black or dark baseball cap.
The other 2 people who were over the age of 40 or 50 stayed and waited briefly for me (I did not know them. They seemed to have wanted to stay with me as they felt safer being where I was).
Then I looked over at John Barnes who was sat on the chair. I noticed that he no longer had 2 eyes but 3 eyes.
I said, “He is not real.” I don’t know how but I had some kind of power come out of my hand when I waved my hand close to his face. When I did that his face changed into a TV screen. I said “look he is not human.”
I could sense that the TV screen was listening to what we were saying in the room. One of the eyes was a camera looking in at us.
(The 3 eyes also meant the 3rd eye. I could see clearer than the others in the room as I was using my 3rd eye).
I started to gather up my clothes again. I had one sock on.
The 2 people in the room couldn’t wait any longer and ran out the room.
The pretty female said “everyone has run and left me and I don’t know where anyone else is.”

(About this female, I did not know who she was and never saw her before, but somehow I knew about her instantly. I sensed she was an instagram girl who takes lots of pictures of herself. All these bikini pictures and thousands of likes mean nothing when unexpected disaster strikes. Facebook or instagram girls who take lots of sexy pictures, I suggest you get some real friends as when the SHTF you will have someone around. All those likes from strangers because of your body and looks don't mean anything.)

She stayed in my room and did not run out with the other 2 people.
As I was about to leave she started following me as no-one else was there for her.

Outside the hotel, the world seemed to be in chaos.

The girl was afraid to be alone and didn't want to leave me. She kissed me and stayed close to me staring at me making sure she knew where I was in case I left without her. I was going to go alone and do my solo “Jason Bourne thing” as I did not know what happened outside. She stayed close to me as we left the hotel room.

Then I woke up.


The celebrity John Barnes represented a TV, as by having a TV in your house or a device with a screen represents that you have celebrities in your room as they are on the screen in your room.

I’m having a really bad day but for some reason I feel like I have to post this dream up now. I may come back and explain it more and tidy it up when I am less stressed out.

UPDATE: My Dream Came True in 10 Hours! See this link

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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Eagles Win Super Bowl 52 - What Was Justin Timberlake Promoting?

Following on from my post called “2018 Super Bowl – Weird Coincidences Found Before The Game” I notice synchronicity concerning Justin Timberlake to what I've been saying for some time.

First off, this is the second Super Bowl game I have ever watched all the way through. This year’s game was far better than last years. It was action all the way through.

This time the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles.

I said that the spiritual influence over the USA for the coming months would depend on who wins. As the Eagles won this could well mean that more brotherly love throughout the US is to take place as the name Philadelphia means “brotherly love.” I also mentioned that brotherly love is more likely to happen because of disasters or uncomfortable circumstances, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  My assumption came true as the Eagles fans destroyed parts of the city, fought each other and set fires. I don't remember seeing any of this last year after Super Bowl 2017.

As for the halftime show with Justin Timberlake, I was curious about what type of message he was going to promote.
I checked out the first song he sang. It’s his new song called “Filthy.” I went and read the lyrics without listening to the music. When I read the lyrics without music I wondered what he was talking about. It could come across like he was talking about going out to a club and hooking up, but if you watch the video it doesn't match up to that thought process at all.

His music video is based in the year 2028 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There he seems to present a robot that replicates his dance moves. When the robot comes out it is hooked up by wires, then the wires disappear and the robot walks and dances freely.

As the robot comes out Justin says,

“Haters are going to say it’s fake
So real
Haters are going to say it’s fake
So real”

I believe why he said this is because people are going to find it difficult to believe that advanced walking robots are not fake but far more cleverer than humans.

You may say “this is just a song.” Well I'm a songwriter and every word that is put in my music was put there for a reason. We may not know everything what Justin is talking about but it’s there for a specific purpose.

I do believe that robots are so advanced now (but not yet officially release to the public) that most people probably won’t accept that they can walk around like us without supervision.  You accept Siri on your phone or Alexa in your home.  What about a Siri or Alexa that walks around in your home as you speak to the robot and tell it what to do? If some cars can drive on roads without a human inside driving it (which is far more dangerous to people), how is it so hard to believe a robot could have the intelligence of Siri and walk around and not bump into things in your home or on the street like the self driving cars?

What if the real reason these cars were created were to transport robots or non human physical beings to different places as they wouldn't know how to drive?

As Justin’s lyrics don’t mean much unless you put it with the video, in one part of his song he says,

“And what you going to do with all that beast when I leave the cage open?”

On the 29th January 2018 I posted a blog called “Terminator Film From 2009 Based on the Year 2018.” In that post I said,

“Welcome to the new world run by the machine beast.”

I wrote that before I knew JT was going to be doing the half time show.

When I was doing a search about the beast online I came across these verses from the bible.

“...saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast,… 
And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed."

The first thing I thought when I read this was the machine beast could have an artificial intelligent image (robot) built that could speak like Siri and Alexa can. Then I thought of the robot in Justins video. (“Haters are going to say it's fake… so real”)

Take a look at Justins video and see what I have been saying for the past few months being fulfilled in his video.

As I am in the UK we don’t get to see the commercials that take place during the Super Bowl, but I saw some people online talking about how expensive it would be for Netflix to promote Cloverfield Paradox at that time. It would seem like they really wanted people to see it, so I watched it.

In Colverfield Paradox it has a particle collider like CERN that they fire up from space. What they did with that energy creator affected earth in a bad way.

In my post called “My Post Was Blocked By Robots?” that I wrote hours before the Super Bowl started I said,

3. Realise what is really happening. It looks like it’s gradually going to turn into humans vs non human beings. Whether they are machines or something that came in by a portal, or with meteors, or by CERN’s activities or by some other way, humans should keep an eye on how all this is panning out.

Just by me writing that was like I wrote the plot for Cloverfield Paradox! In the film they messed up something for the people on earth when they charged up their energy instrument. If this is possible, what are CERN and the other particle colliders in other countries doing? Are they affecting the earth and other dimensions?

Whatever these real scientists and Elon Musk are really doing may not benefit all of the people on earth.

Keep your eyes open and question everything.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

My Post Was Blocked By Robots?

I waited a few days before I posted this blog just to see what was going on.

A day after I posted my blog called Terminator Film From 2009 Based on the Year 2018 something happened that has never happened before to my posts.


Facebook sent 8 notifications saying that three of my posts “look like spam” and removed those posts from being seen. 

This has never happened before on any of my posts that I have shared in groups over the years I have been posting. My Terminator post was about humans losing their jobs to the machines. Facebooks machine bots may have picked up on something I wrote and removed them.


Between the 10 hours or so that I did not log into Facebook I received those notifications and also other notifications which I cannot find now. They said something like


“Thank you for contacting us. On review, we have allowed your posts.”


First of all, I never contacted them at all as I did not know what happened as I didn't log in for about 10 hours. Secondly they changed their mind and allowed my posts to be seen after the robots or someone removed them.


Over the last few years that I have shared my posts in groups I have never (as far as I can remember) have Facebook block my posts or classed them as spam.


You could say that this could just be a coincidence or paranoia.


In the post “Terminator Film From 2009 Based on the Year 2018” I said,


In the future, will it be, instead of humans tagging boxes with codes or radio frequency tags, could it be the robots or machines tagging humans?


 I posted the Terminator blog on 29th January 2018 and just THREE DAYS LATER I saw this article written on the 1st February by the Guardian.


"Amazon patents wristband that tracks warehouse workers' movements"


This is the link to the article 


The article goes on to say,


"The result? Human workers can fulfil more orders – until robots develop the dexterity to replace them altogether."


 What is worse is how humans are being treated already by the well known online store.

From that article it says,

"Amazon already has a reputation for turning low-paid staff into “human robots” – working alongside thousands of proper robots – carrying out repetitive packaging tasks as fast as possible in an attempt to hit goals set by handheld computers.
This month, the 24-year-old warehouse worker Aaron Callaway described having just 15 seconds to scan items and place them into the right cart during his night shifts at an Amazon warehouse in the UK. “My main interaction is with the robots,” he said.
So what is the point of this post?

1. It’s to let you know what is happening, not in the future, but now.

2. Don’t get caught up with the program of hating people based on colour or nationality.

3. Realise what is really happening. It looks like it’s gradually going to turn into humans vs non human beings. Whether they are machines or something that came in by a portal, or with meteors, or by CERN’s activities or by some other way, humans should keep an eye on how all this is panning out.

If you want to wake other people up then share this post. If I share it in a few groups Facebook may block it as they have already been alerted to my page.
Also, if you liked my Facebook page it is highly unlikely that Facebook will notify you that I made a new post. Only around 5% of people who like my page Facebook will allow to be notified, I read online.


Are the machines and other beings in place preparing to take over?

I suggest you read the three posts that Facebook blocked all on the same day when I posted my Terminator post. They removed then reinstated these three for a reason. Maybe you can work out why.

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Deal With The Negative Words You Hear in Your Head


It has been said that there is a war for our mind. I believe that inside our mind is a kingdom. The things over the years that we have seen and experienced have come into our kingdom (mind). It is up to us to reclaim our kingdom (mind) back by killing the negative talk that is sometimes there.

The negative talk are like “word beings” with bodies that come though our eyes and ears. We either believe what they say or we don’t.

The way we kill those negative “word beings” is by calling to the front of our kingdom (mind) the Warriors of Positive Self Talk.

The more the Warriors of Positive Self Talk populate your mind (kingdom) the less likely the negative self talk word beings there will be. As soon as one of the negative self talk word beings speak up, the closest Warrior of Positive Self Talk will kill it by bursting it with its sword.

Any negative word that may pop up gets flipped then killed.

For example,

Negative self talk says:

“You are useless”

A Warrior of Positive Self Talk flips it upside down, slams it to the ground and says to you:

“You are fine just how you are”

then bursts the negative self talk with its sword.

If a negative word being springs up from somewhere remember, automatically, here comes the warrior.

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OMG Its All Coming Out Now!

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