Monday, 29 January 2018

Terminator Film From 2009 Based on the Year 2018

The machines are taking over… or have taken over?

I came across this trailer for the Terminator Salvation movie that was released in 2009.

The machines in 2018 are at war with the humans in the movie.

Could the artificial intelligent machines in our time begin to be smarter than humans and rebel? Many people these days depend on Siri, Echo, Alexa, Google Home and whatever other devices you rely on to give you answers or you give commands to.

I came across this article that shows how robots are replacing humans in the workforce. This is the link so you can see if your job is in danger.

Here are 3 from the article that I picked out of the 21 mentioned.

Manufacturing jobs may soon become a thing of the past. Machines have been poaching factory worker's jobs for decades, but majority or all-robot factories have only recently become a reality.
Earlier this year Apple and Samsung supplier Foxconn replaced 60,000 employees with robots, and China's Everwin Precision Technology is in the process of replacing 90% of its factory workforce with automatons.

Telephone salespeople are most at threat of losing their jobs to robots, according to a study by Oxford University and Deloitte. Sales calls are already being generated by voicebots and, as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, the bulk of telemarketing roles are likely to be performed by bots.

Weaponized drones have taken the place of hundreds of soldiers in combat situations – the U.S. Army for instance has used the technology extensively in the ongoing "War on Terror." According to Gen. Robert Core, a quarter of U.S. combat soldiers will be replaced by robots by 2030, saving many American lives on the battlefield.

The original writer of the Terminator and the Matrix plots is a woman called Sophia Stewart. In the Matrix Morpheus talks to Neo about a war between the humans and the machines that started early in the 21st Century.


Last year I watched the movie called “The Worlds End.” A town was replaced by human looking robots. Near the end of the film the extraterrestrial talked to the humans.

See the short clip. There is some strong language.

The ET says,

“We are the network and we are here for your betterment. In the last 23 years have you not marvelled as information technology has surged forward? Earth has grown smaller yet greater as connectivity has grown. This is our doing and it is just the beginning.”

It’s just the beginning? 5G is coming soon. In the future, will it be, instead of humans tagging boxes with codes or radio frequency tags, could it be the robots or machines tagging humans?

There are some of you over the age of 30 years old who can remember; if you wanted to send a message to someone on the other side of the world or even a few miles away you had to write a letter (or fax, phone etc), and a few days to a few weeks later that person would receive the letter. But now a few taps on a machine and your message is sent to a person within seconds wherever they are on the planet.

Look now how it has progressed. Within a short space of time, many people are now talking to machines/devices about things (Siri, Alexa etc). The thing is, we are enjoying the technology that is storing countless data about us and monitoring us. Could it actually turn out for our good in the long term?

As the machine takeover is underway it looks like more people are going to lose their jobs. Less people would be needed.

Welcome to the new world run by the machine beast.

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