Friday, 19 July 2019

OMG Its All Coming Out Now!

Look how fast things are being revealed!

This shocked me.

After you listen to this, can there be a 2020 US election?


As an outside observer the magnitude of what is revealed in the video surely means voting manipulation in favour of one candidate over another must lead to prison time for a number of top people?

In the new track I released on 16th July 2019 called 

“I’ve Woken Up Incredible”

I wrote the lyrics

“The giant hammer of justice has come/ they can try and hide/ but there’s nowhere to run.”

Take note that I finished writing this song at the end of June 2019 when the lyrics were recorded, and released it on the 16th July.

And now just one day after the release of my song two unexpected things have happened. El Chapo gets a life sentence, and, it has been revealed that Hillary Clinton’s number 1 campaign donor for the 2016 election was the parent company of Google. WOW.

Let’s see how the giant hammer of justice deals with this incredible situation.

The day before these two events were made public, on the 16th July 2019 I wrote this on Facebook

 Part of this post says,

“We are living in a time where things are going to be revealed that some people will find hard to accept. 
You do realise you have been lied to most of your life? It's horrible finding out the truth. I've been there too.
A lot of people are going to be angry when they find out they have been lied to by the system they believe in and fight for. After your anger comes the healing and the truth.

Now look, a day later this video about google and Hillary Clinton was published.

What new revelations are we going to hear about next?

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