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Extra Dimensional Being Assists Music Producer to Finish Track I Exist I Exist


 I had this unusual experience.

Since around early November 2020 I had signs that I had to create a new track and put inside it words that were revealed to me, and also somehow include two dreams I had and put it in the song.


On 1st December 2020 I spent time trying to put everything in order with the track. I was having a difficult time. I couldn’t arrange the music or the words. The whole process was confusing, depressing and frustrating. I always finish a creation even if I don’t put it out in the public arena.


I decided that I was going to give up and not go ahead with it and delete it.


Just as I was about to shut the music software down a “being” joined with my body.


The best way I can describe it is, imagine you are sitting down not thinking of anything important. Then all of a sudden you sense an invisible being slightly bigger than the size of your body joins your body and your body is aligned with it. You are inside the beings body. When you move your hand it moves its hand with yours. Same with your head as you turn your head its head moves too.


What also happened was that something went into the centre of my brain and rested there and a cord connected with it and the cord went down my back. I could feel this cord in my body as if it was one with my spinal cord.


At that point the stress and depression instantly vanished. My skin and mind felt this aura of calmness. 

I looked at the track and started arranging the music and the vocals as if it was easy. It looked like I knew what I was doing. It was like, 

“This goes here, that goes there, this needs moving, this goes here…” 

I even questioned myself if it was even me putting it all together.


I spent hours arranging the track as I was in total peace and was calm. 

After a long time I said to myself, 

“I have to go to sleep now as I have been doing this nonstop for hours.”


The next time that I had time to continue, I opened up the music program. I looked at what was done before and had no idea what to do next. 


Then the depression came on strong as I had no idea how to complete the rest of the production. There were over 100 tracks to sort out for this one song.


Yet again that "extra dimensional being" returned, joined my body, went in my brain then the cord went down my spine and I sensed being inside its body again. 

The depression vanished straight away and I was back to being in a blissful state. Again I was putting different parts in the right places and building the production easily. The being never spoke to me during this process. Our hands and movements were in effortless synchronization as I finished the track.


The following day a thought came to me and I said,


“Who are you, what is your name?”


The response I got back was the beings name is called



It was made known to me that this track had to be created. Purpose showed up for it to be my purpose to put this track out there.


Usually putting together a completed production takes me around 2-4 weeks. This track took me 5 days.


The next day after the being told me its name is Purpose I remembered something that was in the second Matrix movie.


(Firstly, I give recognition to Sophia Stewart as she is the creator of the Matrix story.)


What came to my mind was when agent Smith was talking to Neo about “purpose.”

Listen to this short clip




It intrigued me to find out the name of the part of my brain that was joined with the being. I felt it go in my brain and rest at that specific part in my head.


The part of the brain it joined with mine is called the Corpus Callosum. See picture.


The function of the Corpus Callosum:

 “The two hemispheres in your brain are connected by a thick bundle of nerve fibres called the corpus callosum that ensures both sides of the brain can communicate and send signals to each other.”


Well that was what happened so I could complete the track.


I’ve created 2 videos for the track. One is a lyric video.


Some people will relate to the track straight away. Some may not understand it. To help you understand the track you can read the two dreams I had that influenced the track.


1st Dream is in Part 1 at this link



2nd Dream at this link



This is the video. The track is called I Exist I Exist. I was originally just going to call it “I Exist” but was guided to repeat the name in the title. There is a purpose why it is repeated.



This is the lyrics video link for I Exist I Exist.



As I spent days repeatedly going over the track editing it and hearing the words “I am that I am, I exist I exist,” it gave me peace of mind and made me feel like,


“I am content being me, this is me. I am that I am, I exist I exist.”


Fix Society


UK Music Producer



I Exist I Exist is being added to more streaming sites over time. To see list so far, click on this link.




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