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Synchronicity Update: Look What Came True! 14th Oct 18 - 30th Dec 18

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Here is a short rundown of what has come true in the last 3 months. Who could have seen this coming?

Over the years when I have said outrageous things or shared “out there” dreams, visions or predictions, somehow, a number of them come true.

Starting from 14th October 2018, in my post called “The Meaning of Number 42 for 2018+” I mentioned a RED WAVE.

On the 10th November 2018 I posted “The Red Wave –Punishment and Justice.”

In that post I showed that an exhibition of a red wave of poppies (which was titled “WAVE” in Manchester UK) came on breakfast TV. I was not expecting a red wave of poppies at all. This followed on from the previous post I mentioned.

On 15th November 2018 I showed a picture in my post “I Took a Picture of a Demon Face in the Cloud.”

I do believe that this showed that it was time to stand up and not be manipulated by dark forces anymore as we have the power to win against the darkness.

On 28th November 2018 I wrote “In Just 2 Days Look Number 42– Reaping Coincidence?” 

This was about a tweet by Donald Trump showing that the Clinton Foundation was down 42% on donations. Number 42 represents the end of boasting and lines up with reaping and judgement.

On the 30th November 2018 former US President George HW Bush died. What some of you already know is that George HW Bush’s other name that he was known by is “Poppy.” (Remember my post about the red wave and the poppies?) What was said to be coming out at a later date is all the corruption and murder he was involved with. If you can’t wait for the official disclosure, do some searches. It’s all over the internet.

On the 28th December 2018 a blue light lights up New York, BUT also 18 hours earlier, something similar happened in Louisiana.

Take a look at the video. (By the way I don’t believe the official news story. I believe something came through this electronic blast.)

Did you notice in a clip while a man was being interviewed he says "aliens are here." Is that what we are programmed to say or believe every time something abnormal happens or is it really the truth?

Continuing on from George “Poppy” Bush, on the 21st December 2018 as I was waking up, I heard the words come to my mind that said,

While I was researching for that blog, before I posted it I typed into google “Time Is Up.”

Guess what was the first result that showed up?

"Poppy – Time Is Up"

This is the music video link for Poppy "Time Is Up." 

What is even better than the music video is the artist Poppy explaining the lyrics to "Time Is Up," in this video.

What she is saying in this video is a summary of many of my posts that I wrote in the last 2-3 years. What are the chances of Poppy Bush dying a few weeks ago, me writing "Time Is Up" and then an artist that I have never heard of before is called Poppy singing a song called "Time Is Up" who is singing about what I have been posting for years?


Everything is following in order.

Poppy says “Baby your time is up!”

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UK Music Producer

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