Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Red Wave - Punishment and Justice

I switched on the TV and left it on in the background.  It was on the BBC breakfast programme on the morning of 10th Nov 2018. I was surprised when I heard they were talking about a “Wave.”

Then I saw they were talking about the poppies. Look, you can see a RED WAVE in the picture above and in the picture below. The pictures are of the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, England.

 Check out my post about the number 42 for more information where I mentioned a red wave near the end of that post.

Then the spirit dimension showed me that the red flag with the hammer and sickle did not just represent the reaping that is to take place for the corrupt leaders around the world, but also for those people who I PERSONALLY KNOW who are against me. The funny thing is, these people who speak evil of me who I know, who hate me, are so disloyal to each other that they back stab each other and then it gets back to me what they have done lol.  And then they don’t realise that I know that they read my posts because each of them tell on each other. They have no idea which ones speak to me as they are all disloyal to each other, and they won't admit to the other that they spoke to me lol.

Just get a life and do you. Try and progress your own life.

 The red wave explained by the spirit world was showing me that those who I personally know who hate me are going to be paid back for their evil a double portion of punishment. 


As 777 is known as a jackpot, 777 and 777 is a double jackpot, a double portion of PUNISHMENT for them. A total of 6 sevens add up to 42.

42 represents the end of boasting by those who are evil. The sickle represents time to reap. The hammer represents justice. The red flag represents the red wave and also blood.

 It’s a good time to be alive for me as I have suffered at the hands of evil people. It’s a very bad time for you if you bad mouth me behind my back and are one of the evil people. 



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