Sunday, 21 October 2018

Dr Who Episode “Rosa Parks” SUCKS - “Blacks, stay in your place”

The TV was on and I realised Doctor Who was about to start.

To cut a long story short, it was about Rosa Parks.

In my opinion, the message was “blacks, stay in your place.

The show seemed to say, the only way black people are going to be treated with respect is to disobey the “white law” like Rosa Parks.

Also in the show, if the “white law” doesn’t “treat” Negro's fairly it won’t take white people to stand for what is right, according to Doctor Who, it will take a meteor or some rock from out of space to hit the earth to shake things up. Really?

After watching this episode I was left with a headache.

 The writers of Dr Who are not stupid.

I was hoping that this new Doctor Who was going to bring something new and entertaining like previous Doctor Who’s. Instead it has been very disappointing.

BBC or whoever is behind the mind control, you can keep on going on with your agenda to subconsciously promote racism, but you cannot easily fool everyone.

You have tried to make it seem like you are saying “racism is not a good thing” but at the same time planting anger in the subconscious mind.

You can keep promoting your BS. You will not trigger me into being racist or treating people of a different colour negatively.

I see you. That’s why I wrote the track “It’s That Man Again.”

 You can listen to what I say by going to this link

Now I’ve mentioned the Rosa Parks episode, you’ll get more viewers. After all, that’s what you care about… the ratings and how many people watched it.

I liked some of the episodes in past Doctor Who’s, but the two episodes I have seen so far in this new series have not kept up with what has gone on before.

I’m not impressed at all. But hey… do what you keep doing. Keep on promoting the racism energy into the atmosphere so you divide and conquer. 

There are enough people awake now who can see what is happening. We won’t be controlled by your agenda anymore.

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