Saturday, 24 March 2018

DREAM Boxer Anthony Joshua and the Gold Object

On 20th March 2018 I had a dream.

In the dream I was walking through this luxurious expensive building with the boxer Anthony Joshua and about 4 or more other men. Anthony Joshua looked annoyed. We were all walking fast with him in front. 

While I was walking with the group I noticed in my hands appeared this golden object that I have never seen before. I sensed that it was a gift to me from the spirit world. I carried on walking with it in my hands.  It was the shape and size of a standard cereal box but had a slant at one end and 2 pedals. The whole object and the pedals were pure gold.

Both pedals seemed like they were car accelerator pedals (gas pedals in the USA).

I tried to create in this picture what I was holding. This is the closest I could make it look like from the dream.


After that happened I walked with them for a few moments, then I was somewhere else and not with the group anymore. 

I then saw a friend who I have not seen for over 8 months. He walked over to me from where he was at. He was walking from where a heavy goods vehicle was. 

The side of it was open and it looked like it had black tubing related to electricity I guess. I don't know what it was but it was something to do with him. He said to me,

You don’t have to worry about money anymore.”

He went on to explain that he was left an inheritance. In the inheritance, he was left either a new type of internet, or a new website on the internet that was worth millions or billions. Whatever it was that was left to him was worth an incredible amount of money.

After that I woke up.


 When I went to look for a picture on google of Anthony Joshua for my post I just saw that he has a fight coming up on the 31st March. I never knew he was going to be fighting soon.

I don’t know what this dream means at the moment but with all of my dreams that I post, something usually shows up.

If anyone has any idea what that gold object is let me know.
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Saturday, 17 March 2018

"Alien Possession Caught On Camera?" Synchronicity Again! See Video

Video is down below

I am only sharing this video because my dreams, thoughts, the news, TV shows and movies seem to follow what I say without me even looking for it.

I was on youtube and saw someone who I am subscribed to post a new video. When I checked again the video was removed but I don’t know why so I searched if anyone else had posted it.

Whether this is real or fake, it falls in line with the things I have been saying recently. The date on the video is 2/9/2017. So that is either 2nd September 2017 (UK date) or February 9th 2017 (USA date). Either way, the point of this post is that the video has shown up at exactly the right time for synchronicity to happen with the things I have been saying in my recent blog posts.

In my post called “What’s Happening On Earth? Explanation Found For Another Crazy Dream?” I mentioned that I watched a TV show called Electric Dreams - The Father Thing.”

In that TV show it showed a father who parked his car in the garage. The son began to walk towards the garage to meet his father but the son then saw a flashing white light coming from the garage. When the son looked through the window he saw a light-looking-entity that seemed as if it was trying to posses the boy’s father.

What some aliens/demons are, are spirit beings. They need bodies to go into whether human or animal.

This is the video I recently saw.

In the video it looks eerily similar to what is in the "Electric Dreams - The Father Thing" program.

Read the post I shared on the 3rd March 2018 about what has been revealed recently called "What's Happening On Earth? Explanation Found For Another Crazy Dream."

We are at some strange time in history. Things are happening now!

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Friday, 16 March 2018

MARCH 2018 Russia - UK Problems. MARCH 2016 "London Has Fallen" Released. Just saying…

I realized with all this pressure being put on Russia right now could the next “event,” whatever happens, could be said to be by the Russians whether it was or was not them?

Today is 16th March 2018.

On 3rd March 2016 the movie London Has Fallen was released in the UK.

Both the Russian blame and the movie happened in March.

I’m not saying anything will happen. I just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

If you haven’t seen London Has Fallen, England's capital city gets battered. Here is the trailer.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Alexa Freaks People Out By Laughing Unexpectedly

If you have been reading my previous posts you will know that I have been mentioning Alexa Echo etc for a while now.

I have seen that from 7th March 2018 there have been reports about Alexa putting fear into people by laughing to responses and laughing without being prompted.

I heard in one report that said no-one in a home requested anything from Alexa and it randomly switched on and began to list funeral homes and cemetery’s unprompted. Of all things, why randomly switch on and list something that is associated with death? 

At the end of this video Jimmy Kimmel does a skit with what is supposed to be Alexa. It is more than likely not Alexa but something for entertainment value, but listen to what the Alexa actress is saying in the skit.

She says,

“Humans are a fragile species who have no idea what’s coming next. ha ha ha ha…”

When you watch the video press pause to read what people have put on twitter of what happened to their device.

There have also been reports of Alexa not responding when asked to do something.

Can you imagine if Alexa was linked up to your lights, like in some homes, and the device decided to flash the lights on and off fast and did not stop? And on top of that add some spooky sounds and strange voices. You’d have a poltergeist  type scenario going on in your home just because you have one of these devices.

I posted a dream on 24th Feb 2018. Alexa laughing was reported, as far as I can see, from the 7th March 2018. That’s 11 days AFTER I had my dream.

In my dream a spaceship reduced in size, flew through the window and landed on the floor. It was about the size of one of those Echo devices. Then I heard these words come from it in a male’s voice. It said

“I have some bad news”

Is all this another coincidence? Yet again I have had a dream and something shows up within a short space of time.

Is there far greater technology inside these home command devices that are more harmful than good for you? 

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Monday, 5 March 2018


This is insane! 
After you see this video you have no choice but to realise this world has CHANGED!

In my post that I made just 2 DAYS AGO I mentioned the replicas. The replicas are human looking created beings that do not have souls.

To really make sense of what you are about to see, read my previous post before reading this one that explains about the replicas. Click on the link to read “What’s Happening on Earth? Explanation Found For Another Crazy Dream.

This is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

I was on youtube looking for things about 5G when I came across this video. Watch the video.

Do you realise what they are saying in this video? For them to be promoting these designer replicas means that they have ALREADY tested them and ALREADY perfected them and they are ALREADY walking among us!!! For those in the know, clones and replicas are old news, but for most of the world’s population this is unthinkable and brand new.

This is NOT and can in NO WAY BE human technology. This is an implant to be put in the back of the persons neck to record every memory about them and put it in a different human looking replica which they call “Sleeves.” When I heard the name “Sleeves” I instantly thought “slaves.” Why? Because my theory is, once you have duplicated a person’s existence, the chances are you can manipulate it and add whatever you want to it, for example, AN ALIEN SPIRIT like in the previous post I shared. 

Just like how our computers and devices get upgrades, what are the chances of one of the Sleeves being upgraded and takes over your will so you no longer have any control over the body you would posses? It has all your memories, but like demon possession, you no longer have 100% control.

Another example of the Sleeves and the recorded implant is your mobile phone. All you do is take out the sim card and put it into a better phone or a lesser phone. All the information on the sim card goes with it but the new phone could do far more than the old one and override anything already on the sim card.

In my last post I posted a capture from the show “Electric Dreams – The Father Thing.” This is the picture of a meteor shower that represented the aliens coming to earth in the show.

The day after I posted that blog I saw a video that a news team recorded. After doing my own research a few people were claiming they were seagulls in the sky but many people did not buy the seagull explanation. I saw the seagulls’ footage in a different video but the seagulls did not fly like what the news team captured. Having said that, this may be a hoax created by the news team to get public reaction.

So with all that said, the visual falls in line with synchronicities I've previously had. Even the tails of the meteors in the picture above are like what is in the video. Here is the news video that was posted on 28th Feb 2018.

All what is happening now have been in dreams I have had over 13 years ago. I did not understand the dreams as I did not believe in aliens at all back then. From what I remember from those dreams and what is happening now, I am not worried at all as they could not harm me as I defeated them easily.

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

What’s Happening On Earth? Explanation Found For Another Crazy Dream?

Can you imagine having crazy dreams and unexpected signs of what happened in the dream show up within days?

Here we go again…

On Saturday 24th February 2018 I posted a dream I had. The title of the post is called “Orange Portal Opens – Spaceship Seen By Many.

Just TWO DAYS later on Monday 26th Feb I switched the TV on for the first time that day about 8pm. I looked on the channel called “Film 4” to see what films were coming on but there was an advert for a different channel. It showed an advert for “Electric Dreams - The Father Thing.” I thought it looked interesting and it started in just 2 hours at 10pm.

I have never heard of the “Electric Dreams” series before. They seem to do a number of different shows.


Here is where things line up with my dream I posted on the 24th Feb.

If you remember in my dream I mention an orange spiral portal.

This is a capture of what was at the beginning of the Electric Dreams show.

It looks like a spiral portal and what looks like CERN’s collider.

I said in my dream the orange portal was amongst the trees
Later on in Electric Dreams this is a capture of what was amongst the trees.

The orange coloured pods had replicas of humans that were scattered amongst the trees on the ground.

Earlier on in the show there was a meteor shower. The meteor shower seemed to represent aliens coming down to earth. 

What one alien did was go inside the father of a boy, removed his father out of the body and took over his father’s body or a replica of it.

When the boy realized that this was not his father and he could not have feelings for this replica, it reminded me of the song I posted in my dream. The song I heard in my dream is called “Real Love.” The boy wanted real love from his real father not from someone/something that looked like his father.

This bodily takeover did not just happen to the boy’s father but other people in the town were saying people they know had changed and they did not know why.

To prove that I had the dream two days before seeing this show, here is the channel 4 info for it. You can see it says 

“First shown 26th Feb 2018." 

That’s two days after my dream.

You can also see the description that channel 4 gave. It says

“The world is under attack as aliens quietly invade our homes.”

When I read that I thought about what I said after my dream. I mentioned about those hockey puck speaking devices [Alexa, Echo] in people’s homes. Channel 4 says “quietly invade our homes.” In my dream I said the spaceship got smaller and smaller, came through the window and into my home (invade my home). 

As I have mentioned the spaceship, days later I randomly watched a movie that I did not expect to watch. It is called “Blade Runner 2049.” I watched that on the 1st March 2018.

I thought, because of the title, it would be a fast action movie. Far from it. It’s almost no action at all. It tells the story about how “replicas” of controllable obedient life forms that looked just like humans were created to carry out duties. At the end of their duties they were “retired” (killed). Some replicas did not want to be “retired” so they hid. They look and think just like humans but they don’t have souls. The movie seemed to be promoting the idea that replicas could be living amongst us and we would probably not know they are not human unless they told us.

These created replicas, which in my opinion, I believe they exist, would be perfect hosts for the meteor shower of aliens to inhabit.

What I noticed also in Blade Runner 2049 was the spaceships they flew in. They flew throughout the city as if it was normal.

Look at the design of it. It is exactly the same design as I saw in my dream. It has a body and two arm like things at either side at the front.

This is a picture of the spaceship from above in the film. How often do you see this design?

This is my attempt at trying to create what I saw in my dream 
(I created this before I saw Blade Runner 2049)

 Also what happened in the film was one of the spaceships flew in through the window of a high rise building. I said the spaceship in my dream flew through the window too of which I was in an apartment about 8 storeys up.


At the beginning of Electric Dreams they show what I have been talking about for some time. Human looking robots.

It shows a robot with a human face.


I just remembered. I also watched 2 other films this week. “S. Darko” (which the last 40 minutes was shockingly terrible and the movie should have never been released) and “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” (which was brilliant). Out of these 2 random movies I chose to watch, they both mentioned Virginia and West Virginia in the USA. No idea why Virginia was mentioned in both movies. Maybe it means something maybe it doesn't.


There you have it. My dream was revealed in less than 7 days. You make your decision for yourself if my dreams and what came about are coincidences.

My dreams may well be showing what is happening right now. If they are, who would openly tell you? The government? The news? Looks like the movies and shows are, but you are not going to believe them if they tell you what is happening? 

The next time a meteor shower is mentioned on the news may mean “more” are coming to earth.

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The dream for this post is at this link

AMAZING UPDATE! Physical proof of what I have mentioned in this post have shown up and it is SHOCKING! Video proof. See this link

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