Monday, 11 November 2019

Overcome Negative Thoughts FAST - See Video

Most of the time, our battles are in our own mind.

Some people have thoughts that make them feel bad about themselves on a regular basis.

The video is a negative thought fighter.


When Popeye eats his spinach he overcomes Bluto.

Bluto represents a thought that bothers you.

Popeye represents you trying to deal with your bad thought.

Popeyes Spinach makes you overcome what is in your mind.

Every time a thought comes to you that is unhelpful, listen to Popeyes Spinach and overcome that thought.

Watch the video

More info:

The music I create is mainly focused around relationships, life, love, supernatural experiences and strength and peace for both males and females. Men and women need each other regardless how the media sometimes tries to put us against each other. There are still good men and women around, even in your own street.

Go to this link to listen to or download Popeyes Spinach.

Every time you have a bad thought, use this tune as a trigger to overcome it. Enjoy!

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