Sunday, 6 January 2019

When a peaceful person of the light goes into warrior mode... run

It’s the 6th day into the new year of 2019. This year is going to be different.

Over the last few years it seems like we are being pushed to lose our human essence.

It’s like we are not allowed to make mistakes anymore. We are forced to follow what the media wants us to believe. 

Many people’s tolerance level is nonexistent over the most non offensive situations. Some people even insult others or get angry if someone has made a spelling mistake. We are being pushed to be soulless android robots. It’s like they want us to be docile and follow what they promote in the news and media.

The truth is ALL of us make mistakes. No human can out do a machine anymore in some fields. That’s why we need to regenerate to what our existence is.

There is no point in just being a calm person without also being a warrior. There is no point being serious all the time and not have fun. If you have gotten too serious, go on youtube and go and watch some comedies. Balance out your energy. Don’t be serious all the time. 

Sometimes you will be focused on what you are doing but don’t work so much that you snuff out your sexual energy.

How To Regenerate

Fight back against the machine system and activate, when needed, these energies in your body

Warrior mode
Work mode
Sexual energy

All these energies are needed at the right time.

Stand strong in being the mistake making, understanding, serious, fun loving, hard working, calm and warrior stomping sexual energy being.
And remember… when a peaceful person of the light goes into warrior mode… run.
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