Sunday, 20 January 2019

EL - Synchronicity Happens Again after just 3 Days

On 17th Jan 2019 I posted “Unexpected Meeting With God.” I mentioned how I made it back to the EL = Eternal Life, Eternal Light.

Now just 3 days later, I was looking on youtube for an explanation about the full moon that happens on 21st Jan. I listened to one video then youtube began to auto play the next video. I thought

“Why is it going to play another video? I turned the auto play off.”

So the video started playing. It was this video. I was surprised with the things she was saying as I can relate to a lot of what she discovered.
Take a listen.

At 3:34 she says the second wave of people are called “Antennas.” She also says 

“They’re here just to generate positive energy to affect everyone else.”

In the dictionary an antenna works as a receiver and also sends out signals.

That reminded me of the blog I posted on 20th July 2017. In that post I wrote

While I watched this receiver in the air it suddenly flew down and went inside me.

You can read that post at this link

There you have it. Synchronicity showed up in 3 days. I wasn’t even looking for any of this type of information.

The secret seems to be, find your river and flow on the river, and what you need will be in your path.

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