Wednesday, 16 August 2017

What Are Upgrades? - For people who experience the spirit world

Some people experience pains in their body, ringing in their ears or some kind of unexpected trauma to indicate that those in the heavens are sending something to you to better you in some way.

If you wish, some people could more easily relate to upgrades as a prayer being answered and affecting the person.

 The way the upgrade usually comes is in a way that you get agitated or suffer for a while. It doesn't happen to everyone at the same time, but it can happen to a number of people with the same pain on the same day and leaves days later for those people on the same day.

The upgrade may give you wisdom or help you be aware of something you previously did not know or let you see and live in a higher dimension with understanding that not everyone has gained yet.

The upgrade can also be sent to purge out something within you that needs to leave you now so you can move on with your life. As I have said before, this can come in the form of unexpected pain or health problems, depression or challenging situations. After a while, in most cases, pains and illnesses vanish without reason when the process has ended.

In this video Neo from the Matrix movie is getting his upgrades. He is learning things that he could not do before.

That’s the Hollywood version. Our version is different. Whatever those in the other dimensions want us to learn, an unexpected illness or situation could happen to provoke us enough to get us to where the upgrade wanted us to get to mentally.

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