Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Has your appetite been so abnormal that its noticeable?

Recently I have been eating so much and could not stop. I would start eating something even after I had just finished a meal. This is not me at all. I did not understand why this was happening. I have also been so tired every day even after a good night’s sleep.

I posted this question on facebook and got over 260 reactions. Other people were experiencing the same thing while others experienced the exact opposite.

 Now the eclipse on the 21st August has past I have seen repetitive confirmations of why this uncontrollable eating and tiredness happened.

The answer is to let go.

Let go and stop trying to control everything.

Prior to the eclipse some people had no control over their eating and sleeping habits. The universe took over and took control away from us. We lost the control.

Now we have past the eclipse date and are on the other side, it’s time to let go of control and step into synchronicity.

What do you really want to do in life? If you knew you were going to die right now what is it that you wished you did that you are not doing now? 

Let go and let synchronicity and the universe take you there.

We are all on earth for a reason. Don’t fear change. Let go and see if the change that you face works out for you.

The message is to let go.

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