Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Mystery of The Pain in the Forehead? PLUS: Joel Osteen Where Is Your Heart?

Since around a week before the eclipse I would get terrible pressure on my brain and most of the trauma was at the front and centre of my forehead. This strong pressure is something I cannot remember having before.

I put this post on facebook on 27th August 2017 and it received over 130 reactions. Other people were feeling this around the same time too.

As I was typing this blog some words came to my mind. The words were,

“seal on forehead.”

Then I looked it up on google.

This is what I found.

"Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God."

I am starting to believe that it could be highly possible that those who are feeling this incredibly traumatizing pressure in their brain, more to the front of the forehead, maybe being sealed? Why are some people around the world feeling this same pressure at the same time?

The words I found on google came from Apocalypse chapter 7 verse 3. The very next verse says

Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000…”

I have been seeing the number 144,000 being talked about more frequently this year than any other. Could this be why a number of people and I are having this 3rd eye pressure to the point it has given me blurred vision, terrible brain pain, tiredness, unusual unexpected headaches, pain in my joints, and dizziness? Are others and I being sealed now in our foreheads?

How else would people’s foreheads be sealed? Is this pressure some of us are feeling the branding on our foreheads on our spiritual head within us?


I have a personal landmark date. It is the 31st August 2017. It would be 20 years to the day I began an incredibly painful spiritual journey. I am wondering if the pressure at the front of my forehead will end on this day or something significant happen on this day or the day after.


Is the pressure that some are feeling the seal being placed on our forehead?


I was just about to end this post when I have just seen that Joel Osteen of the mega church in Houston Texas did not open his doors to help people who are suffering in the flood that people have been dying from. His church can hold around 16,000 people and it is reported that around 50,000 people attend each week.

Osteen allegedly lied by saying his church was inaccessible.

This was a great opportunity for this mega church multimillion dollar Christian to show love in a crisis. Was his church flooded or not?

What are the chances of this supposedly “man of God” not helping those in need at the same time I write about the possibility that the 144,000 helpers are being sealed in their forehead now?

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