Thursday, 17 January 2019

Unexpected Meeting With God

I didn’t want to post this because… well you’ll see when you read it. This happened during December 2018 and early January 2019.

I have been constantly pushed to post this but I really don’t want to. I’m just as curious as you about all the things that get shown to me.

First of all, the first part happened while I was wide awake standing up. I could see in a dimension. I don’t think it is the dimension I usually see things in.

What began to happen was, as I was standing up, I could see a white aura. Then in the aura my life sped backwards to when I was a child. I saw that I sliced my thumb open on a can. (I forgot about that happening, but remember it now). Then, still inside the white aura, it sped right back to when I was a baby. I know this because I saw a baby’s bottle that was in front of me.

Then I sped back in time in the white aura to before I was born. I was confused and said what is this? Then I sped backwards even further. All I could see was the white aura but I felt like I was in a place. Then it was made known to me that this place is called Paradise. Then I sped backwards again. In the white aura I could see an outline of a man sitting on a throne with his head resting on his fist looking depressed.

Then time sped back again to the man being happy.

This all happened in one day.

Around 2 weeks later in January it was made known to me that the man that was sitting on the throne was me. Then continuing on from what happened 2 weeks ago, time sped backwards again. This time the man (me) was standing. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. Then I heard the words

“I am sending you to the earth.”

As all this was happening it was made known to me who this was who was talking to me. His name is Eternal Life. It was also revealed to me that it is one and the same with the title Eternal Light.

I was shown that Eternal Life = EL. If you type EL in a search engine you will see that EL in Hebrew means God.

I must have got to a point where I have done everything I needed to for me to then rewind to my birth and then rewind further back before my birth to EL.


Just as I was about to post this blog I had another vision. I saw the E & L in a different position. I just created this picture to show you what I mean. 

Strange right? Those of you who already know, you know I do my Super Bowl interpretation after the game. But this EL revelation 2 weeks and 3 days before the day is pretty freaky right?

Feel free to not believe anything I have shared in this post. Why should anyone believe this? I just want to know now what happens next. As I made it back to the Eternal Life does it mean I have finished? Or does it mean it’s the start of a new world?

UPDATE! See what happened 3 days after I posted this blog at this link 

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