Sunday, 31 March 2019

In Need of Love

In need of love, passion, romance and harmony.

Nothing is going to change unless you do something about it. Your spirit frequency needs to change. Take a leap that could change everything on how you are living now and begin a transformation.

I got this information from the other dimension and was shown what to create.

A wasted life that you may be living prolongs because of what distraction your ears and eyes are drawing into your mind. Is it Brexit or the ongoing problems surrounding the US government and the opposition party, or is something going wrong in your country? Whatever the drama is, it is being digested into your mind and is likely to be stomping down what really matters in your life e.g. love, passion, romance or harmony.

The people who control most of the world’s vibration through technology and the media are having a major malfunction right now. Just look at the problems in France, Venezuela, Sweden, UK (Brexit), USA (country is divided), India, Pakistan and other countries. The controllers are the ones who have made you think a certain way to benefit them but keep you separated from what really matters in your life. It's time to re-tune your frequency back to love, passion, romance, and harmony. 


As I have already provided free items before to help your life improve, this time I have been shown a way to help you attract love, passion, romance or harmony into your life.

An intent was placed into the picture below. I saw in my mind’s eye a male and female coming together as the attraction for love, passion, romance and harmony was accomplished. I also saw a local community coming together to live in harmony. The last line on the picture says “I receive and respond.” This means once you have received the attraction you have to then respond to the person who has been attracted to you so a friendship or relationship can begin. This is more than just for love and romance. It's also to bring harmony amongst people you encounter.

I was shown by the other dimension that I had to create the picture.  

Once you get your picture, don’t be surprised if you start to draw attraction shortly after you receive it. 

The live active intent attraction vibration in the picture is strong and you may feel it as soon as you look at it below.

There are 3 designs to choose from. They all start from an 8 x 8 canvas size. Larger sizes can be received by clicking on a larger size option.

I Attract Love Version 1 starts at $69.99 (Temporarily Unavailable)

I Attract Love Version 2 starts at $99.99 (Temporarily Unavailable)

I Attract Love Version 3 starts at $999.99 (Temporarily Unavailable)

The words on the picture say:

"I Attract Love
I Attract Passion
I Attract Romance
I Attract Harmony
I Receive and Respond"

When you receive the picture read and repeat the words at least 3 times a day.

This is another way it was revealed to me to fix society.

Can you imagine going into a restaurant and seeing one of the pictures on the wall and you say to one of the staff “I have one of those pictures” and the staff replies, “You do? Well you can have this meal for free as you are part of making our community better.” Then you support that restaurant and bring your friends there too. Or go online and tell people on Facebook or other social media to eat there.

Or imagine if you went into a local convenient store and you saw the most expensive of the pictures on the wall and you said “I have one of those” and the cashier replies, “You do? So you are serious about change and harmony in the local community too? Just pay half price for your items.” Then you support that convenient store and tell your friends to also.

I have personally received, unexpectedly, a bag full of shopping for free more than once simply because I would have interesting conversations with one of the staff in a grocery store. I never expected it would happen. The people in the shop are not even the same race as me as they are Nepalese. I would have rather paid, but I have learnt not to insult someone else’s kindness so I accepted their free kind gesture. And of course, I would go back and spend money in their store.

The more the I Attract Love picture is seen in many different places in your town and in homes, you are part of creating a vibration and frequency spreading harmony.

If you are in need of love, passion, romance or harmony, take the opportunity now to jump into this new timeline in your life as your vibration and your life needs changing.


And when you do attract what is listed on the picture, keep the picture on the wall to overpower the negative frequency that comes from those who control the media to manipulate your thinking. Let love, passion, romance and harmony flow through your home and wherever you go.

Chose picture version 1, 2 or 3 and select the size. Go to this link

Fix Society
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