Friday, 28 December 2018

"Wow..A shiver runs up my spine…"

On 23rd December 2018 I received this message:

“wow..A shiver runs up my spine when I listen to your tune 'I love you zone'.. your music is are breathtakingly talented.. Happy holidays and merry Christmas.

For those who respect my talent and the work I’ve put in, you can go to my bandcamp page and download Fix Society.

I Love You Zone” that J mentioned is on the Fix Society EP. You can also listen to my music for free on Spotify.

Don’t forget you can download my free pamphlet, A Better Mind, A Better Life, that can keep your mind aware and at peace throughout 2019 and beyond. You can print it off, save it and share the link on your page.


Fix Society EP with I Love You Zone at this link

Free pamphlet download A Better Mind, A Better Life at this link

K STONE t-shirts and other merchandise at this link

Fix Society
UK Music Producer

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