Thursday, 29 November 2018

DREAM: Journey Into Space 2018

On 27th November 2018 I had a dream.

I was in what looked like a topless roller coaster train. I think it had 3 carriages linked to each other. There were about 15 people that filled the seats.

The train flew up into space. The first thing I saw was 7 giant people wearing gold crowns. These could have been angels. They were all happily singing the same song. It sounded awesome. These huge angels had some male and at least one female in the group. The way they stood reminded me of how some old ships had carvings of a figure at the front like this.

Then the train I was in flew passed a colourful planet, then a cluster of other planets.

Then the people and I landed on a planet. I saw two of the people who were on the train come though a giant door towards me. I remember saying to them,

“Now do you believe the things I have been saying were not crazy as now you are seeing them for yourself?”

The door they walked through was huge.

Then I remember talking to a person who was a barber on a planet that was similar to earth. I saw the barber in his shop. He finished cutting a customer’s hair then I spoke with him. He went next door to another shop and took out a vinyl record with instrumentals on it and said I could add words to the music.

Then he went into a shop, which could have been a café, next door. All 3 shops were his.

While we were in that café there was one female sitting in there. Then another female came in and said, 

“Does anyone know where there is a post box (mailbox) as I need to post a letter?”

I said there are post boxes all over this planet. I walked her outside and looked across a busy road. I said, look a post box is over there.

That’s all I can remember.


Why did I post this dream? Because some of my dreams eventually play out in the real world in some way.  If this one does, I may do an update.

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