Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Meaning of Number 42 for 2018+

This is what I believe I picked out of the other dimension.

If you didn’t know, I posted on facebook a few times about the many times the number 42 would appear to me everywhere. I sometimes would see the number 42 about 30 times a day.

Here are 2 points that came to me.

Earlier this year I could interpret some of the flags of the World Cup in Russia with chapters 12 – 14 of the book of Revelation. What I shared about the flags came true.

Now I have seen it say that the beast was talking arrogantly for 42 months.

And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.”

When I first noticed that text I thought that this 42 month period was about to begin, but instead, I felt the other dimension say NO the 42 months has just ended. That is why I kept on seeing 42.

 I did a number of searches about the number 42 and came across this video. I say in some of my posts that movies or TV shows will sometimes tell us things that are true. In this clip, the portal to and from heaven is said to be through door number 42. Take a listen.

(After the uploader speaks the clip starts at 1:46)

So to sum this all up, if I have interpreted the synchronicity correctly, 42 is a sign that the other dimension has opened its door and is to end the arrogant boasts of the beast system. This should be a good thing for the world.

A red wave symbolized by the red flag and the sickle is to cut out the corrupt systems and punish corrupt leaders around the world.

In Revelation 14

“And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.”

It seems like Obama and Hillary could be in serious trouble along with many celebrities and politicians worldwide? The reaping has begun!

To understand my World Cup Final flags interpretation see this  link.



Before I added the link above I re-read that post. Halfway down I mention the World Cup Final score. Guess what the final score was?

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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Women Are Concerned About The Treatment of Men by Women

Women are concerned about the treatment of men by women.

I was sent this picture by a male who said he thought of me straight away when he saw it because of what I have been saying.
A concerned woman made this post

 It’s got to the point where some women are now worried about the treatment that men could get by false claims by other females.

In this video a female ruined two male students’ futures in college because she made a false rape claim. The male students were facing 20 YEARS behind bars.

The biggest problem with lying claims made by females is that it HARMS THE GENUINE CASES of females who really have been raped. If this carries on then it’s highly likely hardly any females with genuine cases will be believed.

In this video these four women are talking about a 6ft tall man who spent 5 years in the army but who would not retaliate to  domestic abuse he suffered from his girlfriend.

With an increase in rape claims made by women in the news, it is rarely mentioned that there are violent females who do cruel things to men.

In this video a man talks about his female partner pouring boiling water over him and hitting him with a hammer.

The man stated that she said he didn’t tell her often enough that he loved her and he didn’t instigate the physical side of the relationship. The man said the justification for her behaviour was, because he did not do these things, she said he made her feel unattractive.

This made me think of the females who dress “provocatively” in instagram pictures who dress that way for likes or some kind of approval from men. They post those types of pictures to be looked at and to get responses. But in REAL LIFE, some females would call a male a "pervert" for looking at them in the seductive clothing they are wearing out at a club or even out at a shopping mall.
So that leaves these females searching for approval of being attractive and loved in a PICTURE by hundreds or thousands of males liking the picture but, in some cases, some females don’t want to be looked at that way in REAL LIFE. Who wins? Nobody.

The reason I made this post is because of the first picture I received...

...and because I saw this post on facebook.

Within two days this post received 1.2 thousand reactions and over 900 comments. Why? Because this is a recurring problem for males. Maybe some of the things I posted in this blog are why some males are giving up and others commit suicide?

Genuine females and males who are going through things need to be able to speak to someone who will listen so they can find a solution that they are in need of. I have created a pamphlet to help the mental health of males and females. You can see the info at this link Reclaim Your Life - Free Download.

What we need in this world now promoted in the media is Relationship Power. We’ve had “girl power” for a number of years but that needs to change now to Relationship Power

If you think that this is an important message, share this post. 

I have created a t-shirt. The ones who are going to change the world are us so either we can sit back and do nothing and continue to complain, or support and share what others and I are doing to make a difference.

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The Meaning of Number 42 for 2018+

This is what I believe I picked out of the other dimension. If you didn’t know, I posted on facebook a few times about the many...