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Eagles Win Super Bowl 52 - What Was Justin Timberlake Promoting?

Following on from my post called “2018 Super Bowl – Weird Coincidences Found Before The Game” I notice synchronicity concerning Justin Timberlake to what I've been saying for some time.

First off, this is the second Super Bowl game I have ever watched all the way through. This year’s game was far better than last years. It was action all the way through.

This time the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles.

I said that the spiritual influence over the USA for the coming months would depend on who wins. As the Eagles won this could well mean that more brotherly love throughout the US is to take place as the name Philadelphia means “brotherly love.” I also mentioned that brotherly love is more likely to happen because of disasters or uncomfortable circumstances, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  My assumption came true as the Eagles fans destroyed parts of the city, fought each other and set fires. I don't remember seeing any of this last year after Super Bowl 2017.

As for the halftime show with Justin Timberlake, I was curious about what type of message he was going to promote.
I checked out the first song he sang. It’s his new song called “Filthy.” I went and read the lyrics without listening to the music. When I read the lyrics without music I wondered what he was talking about. It could come across like he was talking about going out to a club and hooking up, but if you watch the video it doesn't match up to that thought process at all.

His music video is based in the year 2028 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There he seems to present a robot that replicates his dance moves. When the robot comes out it is hooked up by wires, then the wires disappear and the robot walks and dances freely.

As the robot comes out Justin says,

“Haters are going to say it’s fake
So real
Haters are going to say it’s fake
So real”

I believe why he said this is because people are going to find it difficult to believe that advanced walking robots are not fake but far more cleverer than humans.

You may say “this is just a song.” Well I'm a songwriter and every word that is put in my music was put there for a reason. We may not know everything what Justin is talking about but it’s there for a specific purpose.

I do believe that robots are so advanced now (but not yet officially release to the public) that most people probably won’t accept that they can walk around like us without supervision.  You accept Siri on your phone or Alexa in your home.  What about a Siri or Alexa that walks around in your home as you speak to the robot and tell it what to do? If some cars can drive on roads without a human inside driving it (which is far more dangerous to people), how is it so hard to believe a robot could have the intelligence of Siri and walk around and not bump into things in your home or on the street like the self driving cars?

What if the real reason these cars were created were to transport robots or non human physical beings to different places as they wouldn't know how to drive?

As Justin’s lyrics don’t mean much unless you put it with the video, in one part of his song he says,

“And what you going to do with all that beast when I leave the cage open?”

On the 29th January 2018 I posted a blog called “Terminator Film From 2009 Based on the Year 2018.” In that post I said,

“Welcome to the new world run by the machine beast.”

I wrote that before I knew JT was going to be doing the half time show.

When I was doing a search about the beast online I came across these verses from the bible.

“...saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast,… 
And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed."

The first thing I thought when I read this was the machine beast could have an artificial intelligent image (robot) built that could speak like Siri and Alexa can. Then I thought of the robot in Justins video. (“Haters are going to say it's fake… so real”)

Take a look at Justins video and see what I have been saying for the past few months being fulfilled in his video.

As I am in the UK we don’t get to see the commercials that take place during the Super Bowl, but I saw some people online talking about how expensive it would be for Netflix to promote Cloverfield Paradox at that time. It would seem like they really wanted people to see it, so I watched it.

In Colverfield Paradox it has a particle collider like CERN that they fire up from space. What they did with that energy creator affected earth in a bad way.

In my post called “My Post Was Blocked By Robots?” that I wrote hours before the Super Bowl started I said,

3. Realise what is really happening. It looks like it’s gradually going to turn into humans vs non human beings. Whether they are machines or something that came in by a portal, or with meteors, or by CERN’s activities or by some other way, humans should keep an eye on how all this is panning out.

Just by me writing that was like I wrote the plot for Cloverfield Paradox! In the film they messed up something for the people on earth when they charged up their energy instrument. If this is possible, what are CERN and the other particle colliders in other countries doing? Are they affecting the earth and other dimensions?

Whatever these real scientists and Elon Musk are really doing may not benefit all of the people on earth.

Keep your eyes open and question everything.

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