Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Day I Grew Wings Like Angels Part 3

I had another encounter.

From what I have worked out, the place I flew to is likely to be the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.

This is what happened next.

I saw a glass pyramid. It was in the air.

 Then it morphed into something that looked very similar to the Eiffel Tower.

 It was bright and shined and looked like glass. The next thing I sensed was this object is a receiver.

Out of curiosity, I typed into google “Eiffel Tower Receiver.” I found out that the tower has a receiver.

While I watched this receiver in the air it suddenly flew down and went inside me. It is as tall as I am but is inside me.

The following day I sensed that I flew downwards for a few seconds then landed. I believe I was still on Jupiter. Then I saw a pyramid shaped blue jewel. It was taller than me. For some reason I ran towards it and went inside it. 
I am not a jewellery person so I did not know what type of jewel it was. After searching on google for a blue jewel I found one that looked similar to the pyramid that I saw. It is a sapphire.

The pyramid was made out of a blue sapphire gemstone. When I searched for the meaning of this gem the following is the first thing I saw.

Introduction to Meaning and Uses of Sapphire. 
The magnificent and holy Sapphire, in all its celestial hues, is a stone of wisdom and royalty, of prophecy and Divine favor. It is forever associated with sacred things and considered the gem of gems, a jewel steeped in the history and lore of nearly every religion.

I’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

COINCIDENCE? Jupiter In The News Just 7 Days After I Mention It

 Seven days AFTER my post about Jupiter Ascending, Jupiter is in the news. Another coincidence?

I logged into Facebook (13th July 2017) and I was surprised to see what was in the trending section. Jupiter was in the list of the top 3.

I then clicked on that link. I saw this picture.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot

How can it be that I write about my experiences and mention Jupiter and 7 days later it’s in mainstream consciousness? 

This is not the first time something I have said has come to light before most people were thinking about it. 

What is interesting is the picture (above) that NASA released and what I saw in the movie Jupiter Ascending. The picture that NASA took is of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. I have never heard of it until now.

According to what I have just read scientists have said, Jupiter is a gaseous place and is not solid like earth.

The Atlantic post dated 12th July 2017 on twitter says “The Closest-Ever Shot of the Great Red Spot.”

 According to part of a quick summary about the movie Jupiter Ascending said this:

“Before they arrive, Jupiter’s family is taken hostage by Balem and moved to his refinery on the planet Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

 Jupiter Ascending was released on 6th February 2015 two years BEFORE what The Atlantic said was the closest ever shot of the red spot.

The following two pictures are screen captures I took of what the movie Jupiter Ascending displayed as the Great Red Spot. I did not know what it was until I saw NASA'S picture.

 Has Hollywood had years of advanced knowledge of Jupiter before the mass population gets it?

Why all this Jupiter connection within seven days? I spoke about it before it happened in the mainstream. 

When I grew those big white wings and flew for hours, did I reach Jupiter, or even Jupiter’s Great Red Spot?

This all started with my post The Day I Grew Wings Like AngelsClick Here to read.

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Simply Amazing - Are Aliens Trying To Get Our Attention Again?

The amount of synchronicity in this film and my life over the past week or so, left me speechless.

On 5th July 2017 I was thinking about all the strange things that had happened recently. Then from out of nowhere I heard the words “Jupiter Ascending.” I wondered what that was and then remembered it is a film. I looked at the time and rushed to go and buy the DVD before the shop shut.

I bought the DVD on the 5th July but something was stopping me from watching it until after midnight. I watched it on the 6th July just after midnight.

Here is where everything starts to go crazy.

 1. Jupiter Jones was taken off the earth and ended up at a place in the universe. When she was there she was called “Your Majesty.” She wondered why as on earth her job was cleaning toilets.

 In that place in the universe she was told by non humans that she owned the earth.

ME: When I flew to that place in the universe I was told I was a chief (ruler, overlord).
2. After Jupiter put on a wedding dress she walked up some steps and entered this big hall. The entrance was ARCHED.

There were people lined in rows on her left and her right. As she entered the people started cheering.

ME: When I flew to the place in the universe, I walked up some steps and walked through ARCHED doors. As I walked in people started cheering for me on either side.

3. From where Jupiter stood at the entrance she had to travel around 50 metres to stand up at the front.

ME: What I experienced, I said I had to walk around 50 metres to where my Higher Self stood at the front.

4. Jupiter Jones is the star of the film.

ME: Last weekend I visited the home of a family called Jones for the FIRST TIME four days before I heard the words that made me go out and buy this film. I'm surprised that Jupiter’s last name is Jones.

5. The character who in the end goes out to rescue Jupiter Jones and her relatives is called Caine Wise. He has boots that can make him fly. He is also known as Mr Wise.

ME: About two weeks before I bought the film I was with a relative of the Jones family who jokingly said to me 3 times “Are you Solomon?” This is because Solomon was wise (Mr Wise).

6. Right at the end after Mr Wise rescued Jupiter and her relatives, Mr Wise and Jupiter were talking on the roof of a building. He removed his coat and wings appeared from behind him. 

He had to earn his wings to get them back, which he did. Throughout the film he did NOT have wings.

ME: In my post days ago about when I was researching information on wings, I posted a picture that had spoken about having to earn ones wings.

 7. Mr Wise shows how big his wings are and wraps them around Jupiter Jones.

ME: When I grew my wings I said they could wrap around 4-5 people.

8. I contacted the Jones family in the morning of the 6th July and asked if the name Jupiter meant anything to them. THAT VERY SAME DAY in the afternoon one of the children was in class and the teacher decided to teach them about the planets and Jupiter was mentioned.

How can all this be a coincidence?

If I never had my growing wings experience and flying into the universe, the movie Jupiter Ascending would make no sense to me. But to me, now it is understandable.

The beings in the universe are gently letting us know of their existence. I believe some are good and some are evil. I did ask my Higher Self, "What are all of you?" He said they are the Watchers. They watch us on earth.

We cannot possibly believe we are the only beings in the universe. Look up in the sky at night and see the millions of lights. There has to be other beings out there. 

This world is in need of changing. 

Have the ET's been giving the film industry the knowledge of their worlds to create such imagery that we see in these big budget movies? 

I believe the truth about non human beings is being shown in films.

Watch Jupiter Ascending for yourself and compare it with my true experiences.

It all started with my post “The Day I Grew Wings Like AngelsClick here for part 1
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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Shocking Dr Who Synchronicity in 24 hours


On Sunday 2nd July I was sent an email from a person in the USA who read my posts about “The Day I Grew Wings Like Angels.”

I was told that they watched the latest Doctor Who episode and saw synchronicities with my recent post.

Later Sunday evening I decided to watch that episode (It was first aired on Saturday 1st July). I did see a few similar things that I experienced but the one that shocked me was right at the end.

In my post about “The Day I Grew Wings Like Angels Part 2” I mentioned that I met my Higher Self and was talking with him.

In Doctor Who the Doctor meets the original Doctor Who and they speak to each other. The Doctor was talking to his higher original self.

How can all this be a coincidence?

I had no idea what was coming on Doctor Who. The timing of appearing a day later after my experience has left me wondering what is happening.

Another thing is, I do feel a sense of dying imminently. Whether it's my time to die or it's another experience, I don't know.  

Maybe I have done everything I needed to do in this world. 

Whether I live or die now, I have done my part. People need to do their part.


UPDATE New synchronicity again with the movie Jupiter Ascending. Click here to read.

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Day I Grew Wings Like Angels PART 2

On the 30th June 2017 I again begin to communicate in that place in the universe where I flew to. Before I say what else happened I want to first tell you what I can sense even though I cannot see anything.

This picture will help you see what I can sense.

Either side are long rows of crowds of beings (people or angels - I don't know who or what). They were the ones who were cheering me as I entered through the large doors. I am standing on the path in the middle. Ahead of me in the distance about 50 metres away is where the being is that I was speaking to.

Now, I will continue with what happened on the 30th June.

I said to him

“Who are you? I don’t even know who I am talking to.”

The voice said

“I am your Higher Self.”

I said

“If you are my Higher Self then that means I can come to where you are standing.”

To help me, it seems like I was granted to see him displayed as a light. I could not see any arms or legs or head. He was like the light shape of the flame of a candle but more straight and narrow. At a guess I would say the light was around 6.5 ft to 7ft tall. Space and time and size doesn't seem to matter there so I am just making what I saw easier to understand.

I walked the 50 metres towards my Higher Self. When I reached I stood at his right hand side. Then I heard the crowd cheering again.

As I stood beside him I said

“I need help for a problem that is in my mind.”

My Higher Self took what I could sense was his hand and put it on the top of my head. I began to slowly inhale. I could feel from my feet that I was filling upwards with the light that came from my Higher Self’s hand. As I was slowly inhaling the light filled right up to the top of my head. When I exhaled I knew that the filling up of light was complete.  Afterwards I said 
“Thank you.”

Then I stood beside my Higher Self. It's gone silent again.


It has been around 24 hours since I asked my Higher Self for help for the problem I had in my mind, and now there are no signs of the problem.

I do feel different. I feel like everything has become new. It feels like a new beginning and I have the curiosity of a child.


UPDATE Amazing Synchronicity! Just 24 hours later and some similarities to the things I have mentioned appeared in Doctor Who. CLICK HERE to read "Shocking Dr Who Synchronicity in 24 hours"
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There are 3 main parts to "The Day I Grew Wings Like Angels." Click on this link for Part 3.

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