Sunday, 24 April 2016

Prince Did It! RIP Prince 2016

In this video a friend of Prince talks about the amount of good the artist was doing undercover that many people did not know about. As some of you are aware, the 3 tracks released so far from my new EP is called "Fix Society." Prince was using the "Fix Society" mindset and I didn't even know he was doing it. As artists, we can be just as effective as or even more effective than politicians. You can pick something you feel strong about and sing or rap about it. I chose to focus on fixing relationships. You can go to my page and hear how I am doing it through tracks, "Love Yourself" "Here Comes The Warrior" and "I Love You Zone."

Artists can affect from 1 person to millions of people. If one person benefits from what you say or do, you have begun to fix society. - You can hear how I'm doing it on my page.

I took a Picture of a Demon Face in the Cloud

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