Tuesday, 23 February 2016

I Love You Zone - ARTWORK - K STONE

The artwork for K STONE'S "I Love You Zone" single is now available.

You can get the t-shirt to give to your new partner when you reach the "I Love You Zone." 

Be different. Do something that will make him or her remember the first time you officially made it to the "I Love You Zone."

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I Love You Zone - K STONE UK Music Producer

"I Love You Zone" is the second K STONE track for the "Fix Society" EP.

"Love Yourself" was for people in relationships.

"I Love You Zone" is for a single male or female who is about to meet someone new. 

After you listen to "I Love You Zone" a few times
you'll be ready for the one

Your new lover is out there.

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I Love You Zone - K STONE UK Music Producer

Thursday, 11 February 2016

About Fix Society - K STONE

Have you ever complained about society? The reality is, you are part of society. You, me, everyone.

If society is not what it should be then what can be done? You can begin to fix it. How?

When you fix your personal situation you have begun to fix society.

K STONE, a music producer from the UK, is promoting “Fix Society” through music. His tracks are aimed to help your situation. Listen to his words.

When you notice something wrong with yourself or around you think “Fix Society.” Take the right action for the situation.

What is Fix Society?

Created by K STONE, “Fix Society” is a state of mind that puts YOU in control of problems you may face.

To view the T- Shirt CLICK HERE

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