Sunday, 20 January 2019

EL - Synchronicity Happens Again after just 3 Days

On 17th Jan 2019 I posted “Unexpected Meeting With God.” I mentioned how I made it back to the EL = Eternal Life, Eternal Light.

Now just 3 days later, I was looking on youtube for an explanation about the full moon that happens on 21st Jan. I listened to one video then youtube began to auto play the next video. I thought

“Why is it going to play another video? I turned the auto play off.”

So the video started playing. It was this video. I was surprised with the things she was saying as I can relate to a lot of what she discovered.
Take a listen.

At 3:34 she says the second wave of people are called “Antennas.” She also says 

“They’re here just to generate positive energy to affect everyone else.”

In the dictionary an antenna works as a receiver and also sends out signals.

That reminded me of the blog I posted on 20th July 2017. In that post I wrote

While I watched this receiver in the air it suddenly flew down and went inside me.

You can read that post at this link

There you have it. Synchronicity showed up in 3 days. I wasn’t even looking for any of this type of information.

The secret seems to be, find your river and flow on the river, and what you need will be in your path.

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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Unexpected Meeting With God

I didn’t want to post this because… well you’ll see when you read it. This happened during December 2018 and early January 2019.

I have been constantly pushed to post this but I really don’t want to. I’m just as curious as you about all the things that get shown to me.

First of all, the first part happened while I was wide awake standing up. I could see in a dimension. I don’t think it is the dimension I usually see things in.

What began to happen was, as I was standing up, I could see a white aura. Then in the aura my life sped backwards to when I was a child. I saw that I sliced my thumb open on a can. (I forgot about that happening, but remember it now). Then, still inside the white aura, it sped right back to when I was a baby. I know this because I saw a baby’s bottle that was in front of me.

Then I sped back in time in the white aura to before I was born. I was confused and said what is this? Then I sped backwards even further. All I could see was the white aura but I felt like I was in a place. Then it was made known to me that this place is called Paradise. Then I sped backwards again. In the white aura I could see an outline of a man sitting on a throne with his head resting on his fist looking depressed.

Then time sped back again to the man being happy.

This all happened in one day.

Around 2 weeks later in January it was made known to me that the man that was sitting on the throne was me. Then continuing on from what happened 2 weeks ago, time sped backwards again. This time the man (me) was standing. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. Then I heard the words

“I am sending you to the earth.”

As all this was happening it was made known to me who this was who was talking to me. His name is Eternal Life. It was also revealed to me that it is one and the same with the title Eternal Light.

I was shown that Eternal Life = EL. If you type EL in a search engine you will see that EL in Hebrew means God.

I must have got to a point where I have done everything I needed to for me to then rewind to my birth and then rewind further back before my birth to EL.


Just as I was about to post this blog I had another vision. I saw the E & L in a different position. I just created this picture to show you what I mean. 

Strange right? Those of you who already know, you know I do my Super Bowl interpretation after the game. But this EL revelation 2 weeks and 3 days before the day is pretty freaky right?

Feel free to not believe anything I have shared in this post. Why should anyone believe this? I just want to know now what happens next. As I made it back to the Eternal Life does it mean I have finished? Or does it mean it’s the start of a new world?

UPDATE! See what happened 3 days after I posted this blog at this link 

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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Enemies Are Running

Brand new for 2019 from K STONE.

My Enemies Are Running

This is the ass whooping year. All those enemies who thought they were something, now they are running like possessed pigs into the water.

 No more.

People who listen to sad songs end up sad.
People who listen to broken heart music swim in that energy.

So fill your being with the militant energy of My Enemies Are Running.


Enough is enough.

It’s the turnaround year.

This track is only available on K STONE’S bandcamp page at present.

Play repeat repeat repeat. Let the energy of the track boost your daily life.

Click on link to listen to the track

Start 2019 with a fresh mind and a new approach.

New T-shirt for "My Enemies Are Running" coming soon... Check back for link to t-shirt soon.

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Sunday, 6 January 2019

When a peaceful person of the light goes into warrior mode... run

It’s the 6th day into the new year of 2019. This year is going to be different.

Over the last few years it seems like we are being pushed to lose our human essence.

It’s like we are not allowed to make mistakes anymore. We are forced to follow what the media wants us to believe. 

Many people’s tolerance level is nonexistent over the most non offensive situations. Some people even insult others or get angry if someone has made a spelling mistake. We are being pushed to be soulless android robots. It’s like they want us to be docile and follow what they promote in the news and media.

The truth is ALL of us make mistakes. No human can out do a machine anymore in some fields. That’s why we need to regenerate to what our existence is.

There is no point in just being a calm person without also being a warrior. There is no point being serious all the time and not have fun. If you have gotten too serious, go on youtube and go and watch some comedies. Balance out your energy. Don’t be serious all the time. 

Sometimes you will be focused on what you are doing but don’t work so much that you snuff out your sexual energy.

How To Regenerate

Fight back against the machine system and activate, when needed, these energies in your body

Warrior mode
Work mode
Sexual energy

All these energies are needed at the right time.

Stand strong in being the mistake making, understanding, serious, fun loving, hard working, calm and warrior stomping sexual energy being.
And remember… when a peaceful person of the light goes into warrior mode… run.
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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

I predicted 2018 Pretty Good - What I sense for 2019?

It’s the 2nd January 2019. Happy New Year.

At the end of 2017 I said I could sense a strong wave that was more about feminine energy flooding in for 2018. Last year certainly was female dominated. I had no idea about the suffragettes 100 year anniversary being in 2018. Ive never heard of it until later in 2018.

We also had the explosive news coverage about Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against Brett Kavanaugh and the other rapes he was supposed to have been involved with.
It was a strong outpouring of female anger in 2018. If the accusations were true then the anger was justified.
What many people did not know was that one of the women accusing him of rape later came out and said she lied. This did not make a big story on mainstream news. Here is the link so you can read what she said.

That’s so nasty to say lies about someone just because you had an agenda.

That is why I say to listen or even share my track called “It’s That Man Again.” Click on this link
 Its about not believing everything you hear in the media and jumping on a false narrative.

So what do I sense for 2019?

I sense a turnaround. If I am right, if you have had people giving you problems or spreading lies about you, then this should be the year of the turnaround. Like I said, this is what I am sensing. So this could be a good year for those who suffered unfairly at the hands of people who should have known to leave you alone.

And for the ones who were speaking negatively or falsely about people who were not troubling them, then they should be in for a bad year. 

They had so many opportunities to do the right thing but now the time is up and it’s time for them to reap what they sowed.


While they were focusing so much on you they couldn’t see what was coming for them from the north, east, south and west.

So I am sensing (and I hope I am right) that the theme for this year for those who were the underdog or those who people attacked for no reason, is, stomp like giants all through 2019 saying “I’m Never Scared.” 

It's the turnaround year!  

You stood and took all what your enemy threw at you and now you have grown into a giant and will not take no more crap.
This time you giants will beat those devils that come at you and they will have to surrender and be punished.

Check out this video representing the power you should have in 2019. (I just noticed that the video is 4:02 minutes long. There's that number 42 again. The reaping and justice number. Coincidence?) The giant represents you so stomp your way through 2019 like a giant boss saying "I'm Never Scared." This is not for those who are trouble makers but those who were treated badly.

And to end on another positive note, I received this message on a music site I am on:

I've been checking out your website and music, it's all fab. I especially like "He Sold His Soul To The Devil". I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. May God pour love and care on you. Happy New Year."


Happy New Year to you all from

2019 theme:
Stomp Like a Giant Boss
It's the turnaround year!


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Monday, 31 December 2018

And Just that Quick Synchronicity Happens Again - Who’s Watching Us?

See video below

The moment I posted my blog on the 30th December 2018 called "Synchronicity Update - Look What Came True" I looked over at the TV. I noticed that a movie was starting but I did not know what it was. I checked the info on the TV and saw that it was the movie “War Of The Worlds.” I thought nothing of it as I saw it years ago and thought it was boring. I left it on the channel and looked back at my PC. Then I heard Morgan Freeman start to speak. I turned up the TV to listen. I don’t remember this at all being in the movie.

Take a listen. It’s on for about a minute.

The movie seemed more interesting now. Do you remember what Poppy the singer was saying in my last blog? Just to let you know, smartphones and other devices are alien technology. Doesn't it make you wonder why some companies want access to absolutely everything on your phone even your mic, contacts and pictures just for downloading an app that has no actual need to access these things? 

There is a far more advanced race of beings watching us whether you want to believe it or not. Some are on our side, some are not.

Following on from my update post on the 30th I said I did not believe the officially news story about the blue light over New York. Also in the video on that post people were wondering if it were aliens that lit up the sky.

Will more abnormal events begin to happen to the point people start to reevaluate why they are alive and ask what is life really about?

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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Synchronicity Update: Look What Came True! 14th Oct 18 - 30th Dec 18

See videos below

Here is a short rundown of what has come true in the last 3 months. Who could have seen this coming?

Over the years when I have said outrageous things or shared “out there” dreams, visions or predictions, somehow, a number of them come true.

Starting from 14th October 2018, in my post called “The Meaning of Number 42 for 2018+” I mentioned a RED WAVE.

On the 10th November 2018 I posted “The Red Wave –Punishment and Justice.”

In that post I showed that an exhibition of a red wave of poppies (which was titled “WAVE” in Manchester UK) came on breakfast TV. I was not expecting a red wave of poppies at all. This followed on from the previous post I mentioned.

On 15th November 2018 I showed a picture in my post “I Took a Picture of a Demon Face in the Cloud.”

I do believe that this showed that it was time to stand up and not be manipulated by dark forces anymore as we have the power to win against the darkness.

On 28th November 2018 I wrote “In Just 2 Days Look Number 42– Reaping Coincidence?” 

This was about a tweet by Donald Trump showing that the Clinton Foundation was down 42% on donations. Number 42 represents the end of boasting and lines up with reaping and judgement.

On the 30th November 2018 former US President George HW Bush died. What some of you already know is that George HW Bush’s other name that he was known by is “Poppy.” (Remember my post about the red wave and the poppies?) What was said to be coming out at a later date is all the corruption and murder he was involved with. If you can’t wait for the official disclosure, do some searches. It’s all over the internet.

On the 28th December 2018 a blue light lights up New York, BUT also 18 hours earlier, something similar happened in Louisiana.

Take a look at the video. (By the way I don’t believe the official news story. I believe something came through this electronic blast.)

Did you notice in a clip while a man was being interviewed he says "aliens are here." Is that what we are programmed to say or believe every time something abnormal happens or is it really the truth?

Continuing on from George “Poppy” Bush, on the 21st December 2018 as I was waking up, I heard the words come to my mind that said,

While I was researching for that blog, before I posted it I typed into google “Time Is Up.”

Guess what was the first result that showed up?

"Poppy – Time Is Up"

This is the music video link for Poppy "Time Is Up." 

What is even better than the music video is the artist Poppy explaining the lyrics to "Time Is Up," in this video.

What she is saying in this video is a summary of many of my posts that I wrote in the last 2-3 years. What are the chances of Poppy Bush dying a few weeks ago, me writing "Time Is Up" and then an artist that I have never heard of before is called Poppy singing a song called "Time Is Up" who is singing about what I have been posting for years?


Everything is following in order.

Poppy says “Baby your time is up!”

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EL - Synchronicity Happens Again after just 3 Days

On 17 th Jan 2019 I posted “ Unexpected Meeting With God .” I mentioned how I made it back to the EL = Eternal Life, Eternal Light...